🇺🇸 Programming (coding) for kids 2. How to create your first Scratch game.


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In this video I’ll show how to create your first own real game in Scratch. You will learn what the sprites (objects) are and will create your own. Once you’ve build a game you can add new sprites and play around. All you need is to set up Scratch on a desktop (online or offline or both). I’ll show how you can do that.

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43 thoughts on “🇺🇸 Programming (coding) for kids 2. How to create your first Scratch game.

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  2. Hi zaKUak, I am from India. I watched your video, It was very nice. From today's onwards i shall practice this.

  3. ye so me to i want to have phyton and microbit so i can learn and start coding and coding is not hard if u learn so much it get easier but scratch is good to but to learn i do coding first and then learn programming? i love programming it`s like so easy to me lol 😉

  4. क्या ये कोई भी बच्चा सिख सकता है क्या आप सीखने के पैसे लेते हो

  5. Great to see the energy and confidence here, but, programming is not coding". Programming is a high-level activity that takes creativity, time, and hard work. Transcribing the programme into a particular programming language's code is trivial in comparison. If you use a particular language's code to learn how to programme you will begin to think in that language's paradigm. Then when a better language becomes available and I've seen continual change since 1975 then adapting to the new paradigm will be a major challenge.

  6. I respect you Zak, I am 10 year old programmer it's hard to program I know I can program only in C# i you are a genius I can't believe you are the smartest kid I've seen

    I wish I can meet you

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