2003 Honda RC51 Review! *RVT1000R*


Hello everyone! I really hope you enjoyed the RC51 as much as me. This bike was really unique and I want to continue reviewing older bikes. Let me know in the comments which one you would like to see next! Thank you always for the support #katfam 🙂

*I want to make one thing clear about this video – my intent with this review is NOT as a track rider, NOT as an expert, but as your everyday motorcycle enthusiast/rider.*

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33 thoughts on “2003 Honda RC51 Review! *RVT1000R*

  1. i have the RC51 SP1 and 8 others bikes new and old and NO bike iver ever owned can come close to how good the SP1 is, if tuned mine to make 19hp more than stock and it will keep up with ANY modern liter bike in the twisties, and mine is a 2000 model, it is a bike that wil go down in history as a top 3 greatest of all time

  2. my bikes have been a Ducati 750 Supersport, to learn on without getting thrown off, a Ducati 748 which you just ride, it does all the work while you smile till your wrists ache too much to go on, and the 03 Rc51. What you say here is all true. I don't see the need for anything else.

  3. Yay i have an rc too. Great video. Nice to hear some opinion from a woman’s perspective about the rct1000r 🤙🏼

  4. love the early 00s bikes, no ABS no TC no Anti Wheelie, no damn electronics holding back the rider in its the purest form, knocking a GSXR K1 1000 myself and she is a beauty

  5. Rc51 the legend the myth the bike so many super sport championship titles and world super sport championship love and respect back in the day you should ride an vtr sp

  6. I like any bike that puts a smile on my face for any reason. I also like that you made him ride around with girls shoes !

  7. That bike will never get old
    It’s not competitive to the blade !!
    That bike is in a different league

  8. Left side fairing there is a cold start idle knob you pull, i usually use mine for about 8 seconds and push it back in- I have the same bike.

  9. Correction, RC51 was Hondas TRY at making a twin race bike, but the cbr1000/cbr900/Fireblade was a totally separate to the RC line of bikes, and in the end the sales of the RC grab Honda enough money to keep their expensive production running.

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