2015 Mercedes-Benz GL500 – AutoReview – Dubai (Episode 36) [ENG]


2015 Mercedes-Benz GL500 – AutoReview – Dubai (Episode 36) [ENG]

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36 thoughts on “2015 Mercedes-Benz GL500 – AutoReview – Dubai (Episode 36) [ENG]

  1. Great review. How does it perform off road? Also, would like to see you review the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT (not the Trackhawk).

  2. 2016 GL500 ramadan offer is AED 299,000. Is it right time to invest. As you know there is model change in 2017 and its already available.

  3. Apparently Mercedes-Benz GL models has a problem with the GPS navigation system, it shows that you're on the highway when you're on the service road or you're on the service road when you're on the highway, and Mercedes USA is telling us it's normal because all GLs are doing it and that makes it OK, so don't buy that GPS navigation option. We created a You Tube videos just to prove that it's not normal that your navigation system telling you to turn on the street when you're on the highway. We test drove a brand new 2017 GLS today and it did a same thing. You better off buying portable GPS which you can see from the videos, works perfectly.


    2016 Mercedes Benz GL450
    VIN: 4JGDF6EE3GA693007

  4. great review, any thoughts on why anyone should choose this over the GL430 diesel is mpg is the only drawback?

  5. This car is sexy and I love how the seat goes down for the 3rd row my 2004 Acura MDX is not this good wish I was rich and buy this

  6. Great vid! Only one thing, Mercedes dod adress the gas mileage issue by making the gl350 and gl450. Other than that, very nice

  7. very nice ride but the most of all that I like about this vehicle is the room because I am a large guy myself and that will fit me well. I wish gas mileage could be at least 20 city 26 Highway.

  8. really nice review. we have one alredy but i still love watching reviews of it. ours is a GL63 AMG ,so the fuel consumption is terrible….

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