2017 Honda CB1100 EX Review | MC Commute


It’s another commute with Zack! As usual, please feel free to suggest a bike you want to see featured here. If we get enough comments, we’ll send him home on that one next.

This bike by the numbers:

Base Price: $12,199
Displacement: 1140cc
Claimed Weight: 540 lb. (245 kg)
Fuel Capacity: 4.4 gal. (16.6L)
Seat Height: 31.2 in. (792.5mm)
Measured Horsepower (2014): 85.1 @ 7200 rpm
Measured Torque (2014): 65.5 lb.-ft. @ 5390 rpm

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45 thoughts on “2017 Honda CB1100 EX Review | MC Commute

  1. What are (or are there any) the main differences with models between 2014, '15, … and 2020 of the cb1100rs's?

  2. I owned 14 cb1100 and everything he says is spot on. I did wish for better handling and less weight. A cb750 version would be sweet spot.

  3. It’s so expensive in my country Singapore for this bike which I just checked with the dealer, it’s around US$22-24k on the road.

  4. I wish Honda would build a CB500 four about 400lbs. As retro style as possible. Sell it for about $5500.00.

  5. Beautiful, stunning, nice retro throw back but an even 100hp would have been absolutely perfect. I wish all the manufacturers would bring back a true vintage "look" bike. Nice job Honda 👍🏻

  6. I had and loved a Suzuki GS1000E in the late 80's. This Honda sounds like the perfection of what the Suzuki was trying to do. I would have loved this Honda.

  7. I'm turning into an American I just bought a 60s guitar and now I'm looking at these videos scouting for my first bike. Something comfortable and easy.

  8. I started riding almost 50 years ago, and catching wind was the norm back then. Today us old school riders call it wind therapy. My 2nd bike was Kaw Z-1, 900 and it weighed in at 550 lbs I believe, and king of the king in it's day. This Honda looks good but would be better without the rad on it. Those foot controls are mid not forward, and that seat is not but somewhat flat. All and all still a good looking bike. But I feel cramped without forward controls, and my Harley gives me that and all the comfort I need for my day long mountain rides. No windshield, and my half helmet gives me the wind therapy I need, the bugs are a no charge extra. Ride safe and enjoy life.

  9. This bike really appeals to me. What's funny about bike reviewers. They typically judge bikes based on criteria that aren't relevant for a particular type of bike. Nobody cares about HP, or backing it in on this bike. Nobody wants to wheelie every bike, or ride on a single track.

    We normal average and crappy riders, just want to not crash, and maybe ride a gravel or dirt road every now and then. We really don't plan on riding over 5-15 mph past the speed limit. This bike looks awesome for the retro cruiser crowd.

  10. I would prefer this bike in a twin, it would be lighter too. Add a comfortable traveling seat and a belt drive and it's almost perfection.

  11. I think this bike is gorgeous always have, I'd be much more comfortable with like a 7k price tag though.

  12. You are an excellent dude. Well spoken. I grew up riding the early Honda's.
    Beautiful bike.
    Only other knowledge you can impart is…rider triangle…how tall you are….seat to peg clearance etc relative to other bikes in its class. You mentioned a relatively low saddle height. That tends to compromise legroom even with midsets.
    Love the in line 4. I have owned the Triumph bonnie counterpart and had a lot of fun on it. As an older guy, I don't want to be too bent over which to me, is silly. Sport bikes are built for the track and not for the street.
    I ride expensive carbon racing bicycles and bend over because I have to…to cheat the wind because the engine (me) is horsepower limited when riding over 20mph.

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