2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE – Review and Road Test


The Mercedes-Benz GLE is the new name for the outgoing M-Class SUV. Join Micah Muzio as he gives you the 411 on the new GLE.

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43 thoughts on “2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE – Review and Road Test

  1. I Came to have a peek at the car, but ended up being impressed by the camera shots instead. Really creative work, esp the rear hatch to driver seat and window move.

  2. that sarcastic a-hole didn’t do any good for Kelley Blue Book !
    The GLE 350 is a darn good SUV .
    what is this punk driving ?
    I’ll bet it’s a Corolla and it’s the “best” car he’s ever owned .

  3. All new cars must include a backup camera by May 2018. That's the latest from the federal government's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which recently announced the finalized regulation on backup cameras after years of back-and-forth.

  4. Damn I would be so salty if I got this lol.. I got a 2015 c 300 and the interior is sooooo much better than this . This is basically a cla 😐

  5. The GLE is perfect for me because its taller and roomier than the glc and the car i have now is in the same style as the glc, but the GLE isnt trying to be too long like a full fledged suv like say a yukon, and its not trying to be a crossover like the gls which has a third row seating, i dont need a third row seat and i dont need a car that tries to compete with minivans, so the GLE is a good fit for me and im only 23

  6. DUDE you're super CRAMPED in the back like a sardine….SMH


  7. Lol everyone hating on this car in the comments are people who don’t own anything of its magnitude. We have one and it’s amazing. It’s so comfortable and it does everything we want it to do. If can be quick if you need it to be but it can also be very comfortable and refined. The one gripe I have with it is that it does feel a little dated. Especially after we had driven the GLC and an E class. We chose the GLE because we needed the space but the GLS was too big.

  8. Do not buy!!!!!!

    We have one and it's a lemon. You're better off with something more modern because this car has the same bones from 2006.

  9. you are so funny, in Germany we say, there are only 2 tips of cars MB and the rest… you have no idea how is to drive this car and you all say NO because it dos not have a camera :::)))))) you are soon sooooo stupid…….

  10. Funny that You All miss a camera. Buying any MB is an exercise in negotiation. Silly principle, but that’s the MB-way. You are supposed to sit Down, list all that You want – and then reveal Your magical bargaining power. My ML350 is one of the last built in nov-14. Best car ever. Then some designer glued a screen on top of the dashboard in the 2015-version and that is so uggly. I am waiting for the 2019 – version, with digital dashboard like the present E-class. BTW, my power got me 14 pct of the listprice.

  11. Honestly to tell you . German cars and SUV not as good as use to be by quality and reability. There much better SUV on the market in these day's and cheaper. Germans fuck themselves good job Germans

  12. who hired this dick head really. Please pay this man 1 million dollars and have him sign a contract never to do another video review or any type of videos.

  13. I don't typically comment on videos, but after watching I felt it necessary too. I currently have a 2017 GLE and it is the best car I have ever owned. Of course, you are going to be let down just getting the base model, but who on earth would get just the base model?! if you're already spending the 54000 you are definitely going to get more than the base. In addition, Mercedes whole brand is classic luxury and instead of saying anything good about its stunning high-class interior you just ripped it apart because you have to put down the seats yourself?! what is that? this was an extremely bias review and next time you should look further into the brand before attacking an incredible vehicle. Please next time mention how when you do get a backup camera it is an incredible 360 degree view one. Also, almost every german car manufacturer makes you pay a lot more for all the add ons you recieve.

  14. Richard – Use one hand to open the rear fold down latch and the other hand to hold the top of the seat. Luckily there designed for people with an above average IQ…

  15. I will take porsche cayenne over any mercedes suv at any time ,Hyundai does much better job than mercedes nowadays

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