2020 Honda Rebel 500 Review | MC Commute


Honda’s Rebel cruiser was the gateway for many into the rip-roaring and fun world of motorcycling. For 2020, Honda has outfitted its budget-friendly Rebel 300 and 500 with a handful of improvements aimed at making it a more competent steed for new and experienced riders alike, as we’ve learned after spending a few hundred miles riding it.

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Videography/edit/photography: Adam Waheed

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22 thoughts on “2020 Honda Rebel 500 Review | MC Commute

  1. Read the full 2020 Honda Rebel 500 MC Commute on Motorcyclist: https://www.motorcyclistonline.com/story/reviews/2020-honda-rebel-500-abs-mc-commute-review/

  2. I love the updates.. Except what in the world was honda thinking by getting rid of the awesome colors that the 2017-2019 had.

    Im almost more tempted to buy a red 2018 and just swapping out the headlights/tails and tach. And getting the rear painted. Then again if i did that ill be nearing the price of a new one 😅.

  3. This guy is an accident waiting to happen. Drives like an idiot. He'll find out the hard way how invincible he isn't. Nice bike though.

  4. I think its a sleeper model, great peppy engine low seat hieght and low weight.These make great commuters where you wouldnt spend an hour on the highway, love that peppy engine growl , need free'er pipe, twin stackers would sound awsome

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