25 Deadpool 2 Easter Eggs And References You Totally Missed


Deadpool 2 is so packed full of Easter eggs and references, it takes a superfan to spot them all! Subscribe to our ScreenRant:

“Deadpool 2” hit theatres with a bang, along with Easter Eggs aplenty…come on, it’s Deadpool, would we expect any less? The Merc with a Mouth always bring on heaps of secrets, insider comic jokes, and references to just about everything. From nods to Taylor Swift’s cats, Olivia and Meredith, to Cable’s complicated, but unexplained, origin story with Madelyne Pryor, there’s really an Easter Egg for everyone. Any theatre fans…they got you covered too; referencing “Les Miserables,” and connecting Barbra Streisand and Disney’s “Frozen”. How you ponder? You’ll just have to watch and see…ah the brilliance of “Deadpool.” Will Wade ever stop? We think not.

There are also the hidden Easter Eggs that only the truest of true Deadpool Marvel fans would pick up and we’ve got them all right here for you. Josh Brolin has a good ol’ “Goonies” reference, while the Canadian Alpha Flight X-Force team gets another. How does John Cusack fit into all this? And why does Wade Wilson show his love for Vespas and Batman? Juggernaut and Weasel have some secrets too scandalous to mention here. Rusty Collins, AKA Firefist, may be more of a mashup than most fans think. We all know about Brad Pitt’s cameo as Vanisher, but what was the secret behind him taking that on? Black Tom Cassidy and Deadpool have quite the history that gets referenced. While creators, Rob Liefeld and Stan Lee get there much wanted nods.

So strap on your Bucky Barnes Winter Soldier arm and get your time traveling guns ready because we’re going to find all the hints the not-so-committed fans missed!

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44 thoughts on “25 Deadpool 2 Easter Eggs And References You Totally Missed

  1. One Easter egg everybody missed since the xforce audition montage is the one of Outlaw, an mutant with ties to Agent X, Deadpool, Taskmaster and Domino. She's the cowgirl cutout standing in the door opening during the scene, haven't seen a single mention of it on anybody's channel

  2. I think I picked up about five or six: the hidden cocaine, the one about "Papa can you hear me" I literally was watching it the first time and I was like "is that from Frozen cuz it sounds similar" but I didn't know about Yentl, The Vanisher I did realize it was Brad Pitt, the Goonies and Thanos references, although I never read the comics somehow I picked up when Deadpool started referencing his comics and I was like "Are those when he appeared?", I did pick up on that scene where he asked Domino about her Luck and realized it was a jab at the creators (plus that part about the feet New Rockstars kinda explained that one for me the first time) and there were some other moments

  3. At the end of the movie when deadpool “died” the music was the same as when wolverine died at the end of Logan
    Deadpool also says at the beginning how Logan died and he said that he was going to die too

  4. There were countless nods about another film the person who plays Russel was in called The Wilderpeople in which he played Ricky Baker it goes from some lines that are pretty unnoticeable to a reference to when Ricky was thinking of gangster names and came up with Dupaq which Ricky also named the dog he got in the beginning of the film though if you haven’t seen the film these would go straight over your head and I seriously recommend you watch it it’s a great movie

  5. When DP tried to commit suicide by polar bear, I think it was a nod to a woman who unsuccessfully tried to commit suicide by jumping into a polar bear enclosure, that woman is known as Mandy K

  6. i knew 1 2 3 5 7 8 10 12 23 no relation to this but my favorite is 2009 x men origins were he has no mouth and in deadpool 2 he kills his past self but its still in da story line but its also confusing

  7. I found it amusing that Vanisher was burning next to the Pryor's Treats van. Am I the only one that sees that as a Richard Pryor reference?

  8. I don’t think it’s fair that you keep saying that Ryan Reynolds put the jokes in the movie the writers did

  9. 6.4 million subs and more advertisements the some 7 minutes long and 5 million subs. I was gonna keep watching but y’all greedy. Everyone knows you’re paid per view and followers -.-

  10. You don’t put in the scenes with the Easter eggs and references. I guess you thought that you would be more funny. Well, you can’t redo Ryan Renolds’s success

  11. Fun Fact, Rob Leifeld's kids didn't know he used to smoke crack until deadpool 2 mentioned "pipe sucking"

  12. When he says "Batman" during the fight with Cable, it happens a bit differently then you said.
    Deadpool gets his powers back and wrapped a pipe around Cables head. Then Cable turns to Deadpool and says "who are you ?" He then replies "Im Batman"
    Thanks for the video !

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