5 Common Mistakes with the Back Kick (ft. KWONKICKER)

Công Nghệ

W.T.F. Taekwondo blackbelt Micah ‘KWONKICKER’ Brock shares 5 back kick mistakes that are common when throwing this spinning attack, including:

1. Spinning/over-rotating (this is a linear strike)

2. Stepping across with the lead foot (instead of stepping towards the target)

3. Not following through/stopping at impact (extend your leg through the target for maximum damage)

4. Keeping the support leg stationary (you should slide your grounded foot towards the target)

5. Striking with the ball of the foot (you must strike with the heel for maximum impact)

Kwonkicker’s Back Kick KO►

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47 thoughts on “5 Common Mistakes with the Back Kick (ft. KWONKICKER)

  1. Why is kwonkicker underrated? He deserves so much more views! He's been doing many funny martial art clips that are actually very funny.
    I feel sad that he is underrated.

  2. Shan I'd like to say that your work is awesome and I'm so sad that I don't have enough time to see every one of your useful clips.
    I don't know whether you see my comment or not, but I wish you health and goal achievements.

  3. Should have also clarified there's a difference between a back kick and a spinning side kick, which a lot of people see them as the same

  4. Shane I have really been watching a lot of your videos lately and… Your teachings and techniques are a gold fine for me… Thank you keep up the good work and enjoy your journey as a martial artist

  5. Good explanation but it depends on circumstances in which opponent keeps moving around. In order to hit him with back kick we have to set up trap. at this stage, our footstance will be very flexible, hard for him to detect in coming backick.

  6. Great point of striking with heel/edge-of-foot technique. Majority of practitioners forget the importance of its purpose.

  7. I've been having a hard time with this kick because I was taught a different method when learning TKD but now I realize I was doing more of a spinning side kick then an actual back kick but now I am doing Kung Fu and one of the kicks we do it more akin to what Kwonkicker is doing but I am having such a hard time breaking the old habits like the spinning motion, how the foot is angled, whether the knee is face down or too the side and it's really missing my ability to learn this kick

  8. Nothing new here for serious traditional Martial Artists training for decades. Usefull to today's practitioners who train for 3-4 months and then call themselves "fighters".

  9. Where is kwonkicker now? Have not seen a video by him since July of this year. I know he has tinnitis….has it gotten worse?

  10. I once kicked a log with the back kick because it was frozen to the other logs. Full power but I hit it with my ball. Instant regret and soaring pain for the rest of the day xD

  11. People need to realise there is a difference between this and joe Rogans turning SIDE KICK. Back kick and side are totally different

  12. There are some good details but you need to get your knee high before to kick, also your knee your knee shouldn't be turned towards the ground but to the side. Doing all this you get a lot more power.

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