American Mah Jongg Lesson Variations Dora (mock card)


Mah jongg is the 4-player Chinese tile game that took America by storm in the 1920s. In this video I play a game of solitaire using the mock American mah jongg card (link below) and a house rule is inspired by Japanese mahjong, also known as Riichi. PDF:

Riichi mahjong has a scoring element called Dora. Dora is the property of a tile that increases the value of a winning hand. After the deal, East will flip the last top tile on their wall. This is called the Dora Indicator. Dora is the tile next in order of the Dora Indicator based on the type of tile. The progression of number tiles is sequential. If the Dora Indicator is 9 it comes back to 1. The progression for Winds is East, South, West North back to East. The progression for Dragons is Red, White, Green back to Red. The progression for Flowers is sequential based on the number on the tile. Jokers cannot be used for Dora so if the Dora Indicator is a Joker, swap it with a random tile in the wall.

If the winner is playing a concealed hand, they also qualify to see the tile under Dora (Uradora) which has the same property progressions as Dora. If Uradora is a Joker, it has no effect on the winning hand.

Each instance of Dora or Uradora in a winning hand will multiply the value of that hand. When playing with a cash pie, consider increasing the limit to accommodate a higher stakes game.

The Base Value of the hand is the value on the card. If the hand is allowed jokers and it is jokerless, double the value on the card to establish its new Base Value.

The formula to score a winning hand with Dora is BASE VALUE x MULTIPLER (1+the total number of Dora tiles) = SPECIAL VALUE. For example, if the base value of the hand is 30 and there are two Dora tiles plus an Uradora tile, the formula would be 30 x 4 = 120 or $1.20.

If you are playing Siamese Mah Jongg or Royale Siamese Mah Jongg where the value of the hand is doubled for a second mah jongg or both hands are doubled for a simultaneous mah jongg, doubling should occur after scoring. This also applies to the house rule where rolling doubles with dice to break the wall doubles the value of a winning hand.

Below is an index of videos covering variations:
Common House Rules
3-Player Options
Super Jokers
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