Apple iPad Air review


The iPad Air is a refinement of what’s come before — it’s thinner, lighter, and faster than its predecessors, but at its core, little has changed. Join Nilay Patel for a hands-on review of Apple’s newest iPad, and be sure to read the full review at the link below:

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27 thoughts on “Apple iPad Air review

  1. The only reason I am watching this video in 2020 is to feel good that my cheap Lenovo tablet is better than the 2013 iPad Air……. I mean it is just satisfying

  2. I got this iPad and it’s good for me movies games TV shows which I don’t watch a great it’s bigger than an iPad mini 2 and go head-to-head with the iPad 5 it’s a good size between power and display I don’t need an iPad Pro or any new or iPad this one will do me well for a while

  3. I hate my iPad Air. It can’t multitask it’s not powerful and it’s laggy and it’s home button is outdated.

  4. I can't wait to get my iPad Air this Christmas. I was originally planning on getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab S (I'm a Samsung user) but I chose the iPad because I knew it would be much, much better in the long run as far as performance and quality.

  5. Imo the iPad air is great. But however its not THAT great. Compared to other tablets it genuinely hangs behind in terms of spec and it is priced like all hell. So, you could do a lot better and imo apple could too. Plus verge seem to be very apple fanboyish, am I the only one feeling like this.

  6. So after watching the note pro 12.2 review and this one, I am totally convinced that the verge is owned and run by Apple.

  7. Wow in some comments made, you sound like a proper fan boy.."oh the nexus 7 has higher pixel density..but it's not distinguishable" but then you go on to mention that its the same screen, same camera and the software isn't optimised for tablet..which a lot of channels say about android…zzzz
    End of the day, it's up to the user, iPad is highest premium 7+tablet z are still awesome tablets at a much lower price without the iTunes commitment etc

  8. One more thing, iOS 7 comes from windows 8. They just rounded the apps! Duh! That's why they came out with it so quick. If they have multitasking in any new apple device, Samsung and Windows need to sue!

  9. You didn't talk about lack of ports; you can't install SD cards or anything else into an iPad. And I like to have privacy, not people looking through my camera watching me 24/7.

  10. iPads suck. They just enlarged an iPod and none of their products are different. So this video sort of concludes that you are an apple fan.

  11. I feel that what DisplayMate said was true. the iPad, in terms of technology is behind competing Android tablets. While the N7 and the 2 versions of Kindle Fire HDX utilize Low Temperature Poly Silicon or Quantum Dots. The iPad uses IGZO or a-Si both of which are pretty old and not as advanced as the former. 

  12. @Digital Dojos @dragonmustard2 They are not competitors. The Nexus 7 is a budget tablet thanks to its price, the iPad mini is a small sized premium tablet. You are basing the idea they are competitors, strictly on their size. That is like comparing a full size Toyota sedan to a full size Rolls Royce sedan. Both are the same size and type of car, but one is obviously not competing with the other. The Nexus 7 is a similar size class as the iPad mini, but its price means it should not be compared directly to, because one obviously costs about $300 more.

    Again, you are basing your idea entirely on the idea that they are both small tablets without considering you can buy cheap small tablets, and expensive ones, much like you can buy a cheap full size luxury car, or an expensive one.

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