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Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth, has provided the world with so much joy through the years. And thanks to the brilliance of Ryan Reynolds and an incredible and creative team of filmmakers, the beloved comic book character has been brought to life in spectacular fashion not once but twice. Both ‘Deadpool’ films have been hilarious, exciting and subversive in all the best ways possible, and each of them has plenty of behind the scenes secrets that even the most enthusiastic fan might not know about.

For instance, did you know that famed filmmakers James Cameron and David Fincher were early proponents of the first ‘Deadpool’ film’s script? They kept pushing 20th Century Fox to make it happen until it finally did. Because you’d be crazy to say ‘no’ to David Fincher and James Cameron.

Deadpool is able to get away with saying all kinds of crazy stuff, but there were a few jokes deemed too extreme to make it into the final cut. One such example is Deadpool carrying out his plan to assassinate baby Hitler. Another was a jab at Disney that Fox forced Reynolds and company to take out of the final cut of the film.

Reynolds was so insistent on having the writers on set to help adjust the film’s script on the fly that when he learned the studio wasn’t paying for them to be on set he offered to pay them out of his own salary. Tim Miller, the first ‘Deadpool’s’ director, ended up clashing with Reynolds over creative differences for ‘Deadpool 2.’ This led to Miller being replaced as director by ‘John Wick’s’ co-director David Leitch.

There are plenty more great tidbits where those came from. Tune in to learn even more!

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  1. I can understand that Miller wanted to make it more bombastic.
    however when he asked for a bigger Check that's when we know what it's really about

  2. Ryan's daughter seeing him in costume is one thing. Seeing him in make up and prosthetics is another, since it would leave a more permanent… scar

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  6. I love Ryan as deadpool, he's funny like me and brave and sweet like me l love all super humans and aliens as hero's l'm happy l'm tayor swift fan bad blood hey men l'm girl l'm seeing ghosts in my dreams and reality, l was born with powerful many superpowers and ailililies, my dreams tell me something😄😱😊😇

  7. How come everyone forgets about once upon a deadpool? That movie that Deadpool tried to be PG for Christmas.

  8. Say what you what about Ryan Reynolds acting before Deadpool but for this role, he deserves a standing ovation.

  9. The pizza box says Feiges pizza, Vanessa is wearing Wade's jacket when he gets back, Ryan's born to play DP

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