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We absolutely love banh mi sandwiches, so when we arrived in Hoi An we had to do a tour to find the best banh mi in Vietnam! The first stop was rated by Anthony Bourdain as one of the best! So come with us to 3 spots in Hoi An and let us know where you have had your best banh mi experience

Banh Mi Phuong:

Madam Khanh:

Phi Banh Mi:

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47 thoughts on “BEST BANH MI TOUR IN VIETNAM – 3 Spots in Hoi An

  1. Did she just pronounced it Pee banh mi? its Phi so when the P and H are beside each other it sounds like an F…….like phone or pharmaceutical

  2. Hello from Vietnam !!
    Your video is really cool, guys. Just a lil' fact about Banh mi is that Northen-Vietnamese people like it hard like that. Like, the more crunchy the outside, the better the Banh mi is ^^

  3. You guys hit the 3 best spots in Hoi An. Awesome.
    My fav was Madame Kahn.
    (Aloha from a former New Yorker, 14 years, followed by 12 years in Hawaii on Sunset Beach, now back in Germany)

  4. We just did the Hoi An Banh Mi Challenge: Banh Mi Phuong vs. Madam Kahn who do you think is the best?

  5. did you have to hide where you took off and landed with your drone or did people not really care that much

  6. I would have been crushed if you didn't include that 'dramatic drone intro' at the beginning. It's the best one so far! Hoi An looked beautiful from the top with the sunset light. If I'm ever in Hoi An, I'll know where to fly and grab a bite now. 😉

  7. Me and my Mrs were in Hoi An in December just gone and went to phi bahn mi! We love your video's! We'll be hitting up Sri Lanka, India and Nepal next Jan/Feb if you guys are about! 😀 we're not pro vloggers like you guys but if you fancy having a look at our insta check out chloeelisefish 🙂

  8. There's always a long line there, but banh mi Phuong is absolutely delicious. Banh mi Queen is also tasty.

  9. We loved the Banh Mi there too. Also, got the clothes made. So fun. Don't forget to look for eyeglasses 🙂

  10. This video is better than any episode I ever scene on the travel channel or A&E. I am so very impressed…

  11. Wow, you have extreme editing talent and mad photography skills…. You would me an awesome director of photography and a digital editor…. Plus be the talent all at the same time… Hey, what a minute, that is what you're already doing… Great folks, I really enjoy watching you're videos…

  12. Hey guys 🙂 found you through Instagram and really happy we did!
    Your videos are great!!
    We have a lot to learn from you, especially on how to use a drone – wow!!! Really unique and beautiful shots!

  13. I still love vietnamese food and it will never change! Still the best in southeast Asia, just my opinion! Hehehe

  14. Dramatic drone intro always necessary ^^ esp the way you edit them.. epic 😉 .. hmmm.. now I fancy a banh mi! .. Daniel complains about the "hard bread" too.. LOL! I thought it was just him.. mind you.. he doesn't eat pizza crusts either

  15. Great Vlog! Intro was Epic 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾🤙🏾 I usually ask for wholemeal kinder on the roof of the mouth. 😁

  16. I loved all the drone shots in the beginning, I also liked the close up motorcycle shots. The food looked amazing, I hope to try banh mi one day. Is banh mi served in other Asian countries besides Vietnam? Thanks for the great video!

  17. Love this opening and edit M&A! Fun fun fun and beautiful! Also you guys are great Foodies too 🙂 sending our luv, Kim & James

  18. There is place in Manhattan Chinatown called the Paris cafe is my favorite so far. There are also a couple spots by my job on the upper east side.

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