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RyanF9 reviews his own BMW F800GS Adventure. It’s a motorcycle love story all right – but will it have a happy ending?

Our Bike Review Gear Setup:
Klim Krios Helmet:
Icon Raiden DKR Jacket:
Icon Raiden Arakis Pants:
Icon Patrol Boots:
Scorpion Klaw II Gloves:

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24 thoughts on “BMW F800GS Adventure Review at

  1. Our Bike Review Gear Setup:
    Klim Krios Helmet:
    Icon Raiden DKR Jacket:
    Icon Raiden Arakis Pants:
    Icon Patrol Boots:
    Scorpion Klaw II Gloves:

  2. man, I keep coming back to this video again and again over the years! it has an emotional connection with me somehow!

  3. Ah yeah..the expectations and reality part is where most of the guys out there into. Peer pressure is a nasty thing, all this obsession that bigger is better, its going to make me a better rider, if get a gs more people will talk to me when i park it etc etc. Sometimes the things that we really need are in front of us and we dont see them.

  4. Gotta love Ryan, I always think of him as the love child of James Bond and Screech from Saved by the bell!😁

  5. Good real review. No way is that bike too small. The others are too big. And pricey. Of course, it would be hard to tow a trailer on the smaller ones.

  6. Well hello!I'm watching your videos for some time now and i find them very good and useful too.I was wondering if you could make one for the new 850 adve,couse i'm very interested on your opinion about the bike.Chears Panos!

  7. Outstanding script and editing, superb presentation, amazing locations! I would buy items from Fortnine just because but alas I will live with Revzilla.

  8. I bought a new 2018 vstrom 1000 still in a crate site unseen waiting for it to show up its been 1 month and next week it will be here all because of your reviews. I agree with everybody your the grand tour for motorcycle shows thank you we need this.

  9. Watched this after your chat with Andy TMF Great to listen to your detailed input . My first bike was a F650GS ? ! It was an Eight Hundred p Twin . I believe it was the concept bike to inspire the current 800 range i have moved on as we all do , What do you make of the DCT range from Honda ie the future ? Cheers TJ

  10. Man this is pure gold of motorbike reviews ryan and team.. I always end up confused from your videos though.. do I appreciate the bike more or your cinematography or the presented content or the puns.. hope Vancouver brings us more of this fun content .. bravo..

  11. I just found your channel via Andy, TMF. Small world, as we both live in North Van. Like your stuff a lot. I have only seen your interview with Andy, your Harley review, and your 800GSA, and your 1250 GS Review. You are much younger, and lighter than me and appear to be a better off road rider. I sold my KTM 300 last year, so I’m not doing single track any more.

    I rode the 800 GS several years ago riding through Europe, and have owned three 1200 variants, an air cooled, a water cooled GSA and a 2019 1250 GSA. IN MY OPINION, THE 1250 is by far the best of the four GS’s. The 800 is close to the 1200 in weight and could not comfortably do more than 130 mph, as the engine buzzing was horrible. I love the mid range torque of the 1250, and it can comfortably cruise at 160-180 in Europe or South America. I would not take it on single track, but for all other adventure rides, it is great. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

    I hope we can catch up some time. Cheers.

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