Carcharodontosaurus VS Spinosaurus Update 1.6 – Jurassic World Evolution

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Carcharodontosaurus VS Spinosaurus

Jurassic World Evolution
Update 1.6
Fallen Kingdom DLC
Secrets of Dr. Wu DLC
Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack

100% Genome
Gene not modified


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43 thoughts on “Carcharodontosaurus VS Spinosaurus Update 1.6 – Jurassic World Evolution

  1. 北アフリカの王者の座をかけた因縁の闘い。思わず見入ってしまいました。

  2. Hunting on land, Spinosaurus is also forced into direct competition with any large predators living in the same environment. And here that can only mean one animal. Carcharodontosaurus.

  3. If in this video spinosaurus got lose this video get more dislikes for nobody wana know who is carcharodontosaurus and how to hes strong

    and no i not fan of carcharodontosaurus but for jaw power we can say carcharodontosaurus is jaguar and spinosaurus is caiman

  4. “Well, Well. It’s been 144 Million years. But you know what? It’s looks like our little game is coming to the end.”

    “Nope, I don’t think so. Because Round 2 is just begun.”

    “Very well then. And I’m gonna enjoy it. Very, Very much.”

  5. Try to recreate the River of Giants! Two spinos, two Carcharodontosaurus, some sauropods representing paralititan

  6. Now this is a fight that actually happened in Northern Africa back then.of course the spinosaurus would win 80% of the time.both apex predators,both bigger than tyrannosaurus rex.

  7. I'm glad they were such an even match, if done again this battle could have gone the other way around.

  8. I'm just happy that spino won plus in real life spino would still win and they should change spinos attack to a swipe with it's arm cause in real life that's probably what it would do and yes they should make spino bigger or just make ingen spino or spinorexes.😂😂😁

  9. Whilst I am a little disappointed with the Mr. Shark tooth's design, I do like that it is in the game!

  10. The spinosaurus already won at 4:26 when carcharodontosaurus retreated back to his territory so those who don't want spoilers just don't read my comment.

    You already have so RIP.

  11. Wait so is it true that the Car should be bigger? Was it fr the 2nd biggest theropod that we discovered?

  12. In Cretaceous Africa during the dry season, Spinosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus would have been major natural enemies. 5:45 Spinosaurus: “I don’t like you!”, 5:48 Carcharodontosaurus: “I don’t like you either!” Their battles were fierce and only one would emerge victorious.

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