David Crosby Gives Advice On Addiction, Monogamy, and Junkies | Ask Croz


For the second episode of Ask Croz, we had the chance to sit down with Crosby in person and ask him questions on video that he’d never seen in advance.

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44 thoughts on “David Crosby Gives Advice On Addiction, Monogamy, and Junkies | Ask Croz

  1. I have always been drawn to him, from his younger days looking adorable with his wild head of hair, to now, with the gentle peace you can hear in his speech, hard-won after a lifetime of rebellion & addiction to hard drugs, this man is a survivor & an example that you can move past, rise above, shake off, brush aside, roll over, get up, push down all the things once believed to rule your every waking moment, every dollar you earn, every promise broken, David Crosby got another chance & he took it, we should feel honored to still have him with us, for I'm pretty certain he sidestepped death more than once, both with his copious drug use & resulting health conditions. He appears calm, peaceful & at home in this modern world that his hippies wouldn't even recognize it.

  2. I've heard so many stories of what a bad guy David Cosby is supposed to be yet here I find a pretty wise old dude who doesn't show any evil traits and comes across as a kind guy.

  3. A year is a minute in an addicts Life, learn to love sobriety and love yourself, I been clean for 5 years and only smoke cannabis now, heroin & alcohol, Valium,heminevrin,any Downer, bit of coke or phet here and there for 18 years and you don't care if you die and sometimes wanted to die.rehab,my guitar, ganja saved me from destruction.The ironic thing is that the alcohol, that is totally legal, did the most damage, with liver disease at 30,but carried on drinking til 40.
    Alcohol was the worse to come off too.

  4. Good stuff David. Thought the whole trump thing was a bit much though. I mean I don’t like the guy either but to suggest that a divorce may be in the question because of ones support of him I just find a bit repulsing. I mean if you’re questioning your love for someone just because they have different political views I think that’s more the fault of the individual taking offense. It’s one thing if they’re a white supremacist but just supporting trump? That’s a bit too much and just speaks to the divide on this country. It’s so bad even people are questioning whether to leave their loved ones and break up families because one of them supports trump. I’m surprised more people didn’t think this was a bit shallow of David..

  5. Spot on about our black brothers Croz. I have American friends. I've loved American roots music for as long as I've played guitar – some 40 years. Cinema, Art, literature and a constitution. America has given the world much. Having said that, there is an element that is intolerant, bigoted, mind-bendingly ignorant and arrogant beyond all understanding. For someone who looks on from the outside, that seems like a lot to withstand for someone who is the polar opposite of all those things. You made it this far though….and I have confidence that the best of the United States WILL overcome.

  6. First off… LOVE CSN! Second.. This man needs to be the President of the United States of America. Or atleast a podcast… sheesh…

  7. That guitar and junkie son guy…
    Men, what a selfish boomer!
    People like him is the reason why America is collapsing.

  8. David had any woman he wanted for a long time. Given his history, I think it's been very easy for him to come to terms with monogamy. Makes sense. Running around with different women is not having a fulfilling relationship. It's just a hollow sexual experience.

  9. You know I thought these were going to be stupid but I've watched a handful of them already and Crosby is just too cool love him

  10. Yeah,I could see how an overpriced piece of wood and wires could come between you and your son…Chances are, that guitar didn’t get you anywhere in life, and now you have the chance at sucking at TWO things, now. Being a guitarist, and a father.

  11. this notion that only "blacks" are the victims of discrimination or racism is cruel and quite frankly not true any longer. Ask a Jew. Or someone who's transgender. Or an Italian or an Arab. This notion that one group are the only group of people who are victims of stupidity and ignorance is as insulting as the people who are the actual bigots. Continue to encourage victimhood and you'll have a society full of "victims".

  12. I could watch this all day .He is a great man to ask for life advice after all he has had some life and if anyone can tell you about life and how to live it would be David Crosby

  13. I had a horrible experience with David Crosby at Steven Still’s house in 1968 right after thy gave a concert at the Greek theatre.  I’ve never forgotten the incident.  I was sitting on the floor with some friends, leaning against the wall, when suddenly Crosby appeared right in front of me, arms folded truculently, his shoes right against my legs, glaring down at me.  I had never met him and had no idea what motivated his obviously aggressive and completely out of the blue behavior.  I didn’t want to get in a fist fight with Crosby, even if he was being a complete asshole.  I was a guest.   So I just looked down at the floor until he finally walked away.  But I’ve always wondered why he did that and why he picked me.  As I said, I had never had the slightest contact with Crosby until that moment.

  14. Chances are the person who asked about being a hippie in America has probably already seen this video and won't come back, but I have some advice on that. I've kept up a hippie appearance, along with most hippie ideals: I like to wear tie-dye, I keep my hair long, and I've kept a beard for years, so I've gotten my fair share of hate, hateful looks, and antagonizing. In fact, I know I've been followed around in stores before because of my looks. I will say that I probably wasn't hassled as much as someone with a smaller build because I'm 6'6 and built like a defensive lineman (mostly fat though because I don't work out), regardless though, my advice is to just ignore them if it's verbal harassment. The way I was raised, I'm not scared to fight, but if you're not comfortable fighting and you're in a situation that seems like it'll escalate to that, I really don't know what to tell you other than to just try to diffuse the situation with your words and hope the person is just a punk-ass just wanting shits and giggles.

  15. For the person who asked Croz how to heal from the death of his son. Watch this video — it's someone else who went through the same thing speaking about his personal jouney & it's only 9 minutes. Hope this helps.

  16. Dear David
    When I went on a date, I usually took three things.
    2 duct tape
    3. and a shovel

    so why am I locked up?

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