DeepMotion: 2D Animation Game – Creature vs Spine

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DeepMotion no longer supports the 2D Animation Software, Creature.
We asked one of our engineers, Tom Mirades, to learn both Creature 2D and Spine 2D in order to bring to life the 1973 painting, “Outlaw of Torn” by the late Frank Frazetta.

Tom is a world-class physics simulation engineer, but he had no traditional animation experience prior to this project. After learning the ins and outs of both programs, producing a full animation loop took Tom 11 minutes and 58 seconds in Creature, and 2 hours, 24 minutes, and 23 seconds in Spine. There are four steps to creating a simple animation loop like Tom’s horse and rider: creating a 2D mesh, creating character bones, weighting those bones, and animating the newly rigged 2D character.

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DeepMotion: 2D Game Animation – Creature vs Spine


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6 thoughts on “DeepMotion: 2D Animation Game – Creature vs Spine

  1. im gonna check creature program cause spine for me feels a bit lazy to be honest i didnt know how to use spine and dragonbones and im gonna tell u i did a mesh on Db in less then a minute and on spine took me awhile to figure it out cause the program layout its terrible.

  2. its a monthly subscription payment of 19.99. I don't think its bad, but I don't see a free trial yet for it.

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