Download and Install SQL Server 2017 FREE!

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This video will show you how to download and install SQL Server 180 day trial for free.

Note: This video has been edited for time.

Basic Steps:
1. Navigate to Google
2. Type: download SQL Server 2017

3. Click Download the Preview
4. Click Windows
5. Click Install on Windows
6. Click Register to continue
7. Click Download (iso)
8. Right click the file and select Mount ISO
9. Double click Setup.exe
10. Follow the prompts to install SQL instance then reboot the PC
11. Navigate to Google
12. Type: Download SQL Server Management Studio 17.1
12. Download and install SQL Server Management Studio 17.1
13. Log into the new instance


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13 thoughts on “Download and Install SQL Server 2017 FREE!

  1. Thanks Bro !
    Microsoft ………….. grrrr ! In the "SQL SERVER 2017" orignal CD (With license) No "Management Studio". Shitttttttttttttt

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