Ellie Wick – Last Of Us 2 Aggressive Gameplay (Survivor Mode & All Weapon Upgrades) PS4 PRO


Aggressive Last of Us 2 gameplay in survivor mode with all weapons upgraded including Silenced sub machine gun, trap mines explosive arrows and more. Hillcrest, No HUD. Captured on PS4 PRO.


This video explains why The Last of Us Part 2 sucks and is the best game ever made and is a rushed mess and makes no sense and has the best gameplay ever seen as well as the best most realistic graphics but the worst story and why Neil Druckmann is a narrative genius and why I hate this game so much and why it’s the best Playstation exclusive ever in fact game ever period and I love it and why Naughty Dog have created a masterpiece that is complete SJW pandering garbage and why they should definitely make The Last of Us Part 3 and why the physics and animations are god tier but the gameplay is simplistic crap and why Abby is such a buff transexual beast and what diet and workout routine you need to be a buff transexual beast just like Abby and why Abby is the worst character ever created but why she’s a beautiful strong woman and why Sony fanboy shills got paid to give this game good reviews and why it’s better than the first game and why it’s trash and you’re insane if you buy it and why I’m vegan.

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2 thoughts on “Ellie Wick – Last Of Us 2 Aggressive Gameplay (Survivor Mode & All Weapon Upgrades) PS4 PRO

  1. This video surely deserves a big like! Badass montage and awesome gameplay. Well executed gameplay with perfect single shot kills.

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