Excel Split 1 Cell into 2 Cells: Podcast #1706

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Today Bill looks at using ‘Text to Columns’ to split up Data in a single Cell. In this Learn Excel from MrExcel Podcast, Bill shows us the use of =LEFT, =MID, The ‘Flash Fill’ feature in Excel 2013 and more. Follow along with MrExcel in Episode #1706 as he designs a means to achieve splitting Data from a single Cell.

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43 thoughts on “Excel Split 1 Cell into 2 Cells: Podcast #1706

  1. Hello, Thank you for share everything you know! I have a question…How can I create a formula to calculate Square Ft. & Linear Ft.? I hope you can help me. I created a macros to do, but I have a lot of product so, probably is a simple way to minimize my job. Thank you so much.

  2. I have a column with first and last names in one column but I want separate columns for 1st and a 2nd with all last names. How can I split this instead of copying and pasting names individually?

  3. In case you're like me and want to "split a single cell into two cells," here is the answer: https://confessionsofanagilecoach.blogspot.com/2020/04/splitting-cell-in-excel.html

  4. shit video – jeez – as below – show how to split cells and cut the waffle and unnecessary info. Cheers for trying tho!

  5. Just wasted my 7 & a quarter minute of time after this lying VDO. The Headline should B changed ASAP.

  6. I'm a very sorry, Mr. Bill but your video failed to answer the question that was asked: Can one select a single cell and split it? is the answer simply 'NO'?

  7. what about if theres different text in the cells, lets say first name and second, and i would want to move the second name to a different row?

  8. How do I take information out of one cell to make multiple rows under that row? Row 1 has 7 columns, the 5th column has several names & emails (in a wrap text). I want to take the information in column 5 and put them in rows under row 1. How can I do that?

  9. This video says "split 1 cell into 2 cells", but it's really breaking out the contents of one cell into 2 cells in two different (added) columns.  I think people visiting this video are looking to take a single cell and make it into two cells.  I can see where this might be difficult, especially when using the contents in a calculation because you can't reference a cell broken into two cells in a single column.

  10. Hi Bill,

    Is it possible to split a cell of of text into rows?

    Ex. house1 house2 house3

    should look like:

  11. Bill, is it possible to split a single cell into two different columns? I think it would be the same as making two columns narrow and merging the other cells back together, but I'm looking for a faster way.

  12. Hello Mr. Bill If i can get some ideas, I would like to find out can we able to do text to rows.

  13. Can you please tell me how to split one cell into two columns, without adding a whole column, rather a column just for that row…?

  14. Hi, I'm still using 2010.  How do I protect a cell's border and fill formatting, without locking users out?  Once the sheet is protected, I would like users to be able to paste and auto fill large data ranges without changing fill colors and border formatting of the destination cells. 

  15. Please tell us how do you create that design on menu bar where the document name shows in office 2013. Example at 0:46  in menubar that design start above "Load Test" and goes all the way back. Mine is complete white. Please tell us how to change it. Thank you.

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