Exploding Box Card Full Tutorial Sweetheart Surprise Theme


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After a long wait, the full tutorial is finally up! I’ve added something special just for this full tutorial on my sweetheart surprise themed boxcard, i hope you guys like it!

Subtitles will be added in a week’s time as i am currently busy. I will add the timings here where each specific card starts when i am free!

Things covered in this tutorial:
1. Waterfall card portrait & landscape
2. Double slider card
3. Slider card
4. Pop up slider card
5. Folded card with pockets
6. Sweetheart message card
7. 6-square section folded card
8. Mini photo surprise box
9. How to attach a ribbon to a box cover


Main materials Needed:
*you can change the colours or buy less materials if you do not intend to follow every design in the boxcard*
*for base making & layering, paper size needs to be at least 30cm by 30cm wide for a 10cm by 10cm by 10cm boxcard*
*materials listed here excludes the 2 separate cards made inside the boxcard – the red & brown ones)

1. 1 red cardstock (for heartbase) & 1 red craft paper for red heart cut-out
2. 3 ~ 4 black cardstocks (1 of which can be a normal craft paper)
3. 1 ~ 2 white cardstocks (1 can be sufficient as you can reuse the scraps after layering)
4. 1 grey craft paper/cardstock
5. 1 milk white card stock
6. 1 white craft paper
7. 1 dark grey craft paper/cardstock
8. 1 A4 paper
9. 1 foam paper
10. plastic bag
11. Artificial scented flowers
12. string
13. scotch tape
14. double sided tape
15. pen knife
16. scissors
17. pencil, eraser, rulers
18. Other decoratives – ribbons, lace, etc.
19. Other optional colours for pockets/folded card making or patterned papers


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27 thoughts on “Exploding Box Card Full Tutorial Sweetheart Surprise Theme

  1. OMG IVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR THIS! I made this 2 years ago, and now I'm gonna make it again, I wanted to make the exact same one!

  2. Does anyone know where I would be able to print out these small photos? Most of the photo printing companies I find only have wallet size as their smallest size/:

  3. Hi Brasel Seng, do you know whether I can find any of the milk white card stock? I’ve searched everywhere but i couldn’t find one that match the milk white color, both online and on shops, if you have any recommendation or any links, could you please attach ?

  4. i appreciate this tutorial video however its annoying how some parts she give us the wrong measurement and then dont show clearly which part she is cutting off for the semi-circle. now i have to redo everything again –__

  5. thanks a lot, finally i made it. check it out my video in the link below:

  6. Thankewwww so much…… I was successful in making a beautiful gift box card… By ur tutorials… U were right 'never think that u can't do such art and craft stuffs.'

  7. I have made this box &it is so so beautiful. ..now i m pregnant and I want to make baby scrapbook … can u please please help !!!!!!?????

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