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In this Taming Guide I show you how to tame a Spinosaur. Is it Spinosaur or Spinosaurus? I mean, I could call it just Spino, but really the game calls it like 4 different things, and that’s just weird. Anyways, Spino is relatively simple, it’s about the same as a Rex, with the needing Exceptional Kibble and trapping it in a box to keep it from running away. But yeah, I didn’t realize they had added the stance change during the TLC, it’s weird, but cool.

You wake up in the middle of nowhere, maybe it’s a beach, a mountain, a forest, or a jungle, but it is no place that you have known. There is a strange device implanted into your arm. Welcome to the ark. The place where long extinct creatures eat you while you feebly try to survive. This series is my attempt to show you little things that will help you flourish.

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21 thoughts on “Fast Spinosaur Taming Guide :: Ark : Survival Evolved Tips and Tricks

  1. I've seen a few people comment about the spino escaping or jumping over the trap. The design I suggest in this video is 3×3 with 3 walls high as a minimum size. There are a couple of suggestions I can make to help "debug" the issue
    1) Make sure your walls are 3 high! I can't stress this enough because Spinos can walk over walls that are 2 high.
    2) If you're still having trouble you may need to make the trap 3×4, extending away from your ramps or increasing the size to 4×4

  2. Bro this trap not working well.
    Spino get glitched and comes out of the trap. In my case Spino comes out 2 times and next time i tamed it without trap.

  3. Hello I'm new to ark, there's a level 3 spino terrorizing me. I'm lvl 16 currently, can I kill it or tame it? I had 3 parasaurs and 2 dilos and a wild bronto but they all were killed

  4. Lmao my method is to use a Sarco with good amount of health and stamina to go back and forth the shallow rivers around it while shooting tranqs.
    ALWAYS works, just have to make sure it gets out of the water when it's near KO.

  5. Finally I got my Spino and when i was running back home , i accidently felt from a high clift and he died …

  6. For some reason when i do the trap method, the spino always hoes through(i even changed the doorframe with walls

  7. I hit it with 11 narcotics and than it got stuck and i finished it with the sling shot using 20 rocks lol

  8. Its funny because on day I was journeying in my ark and I saw a spino then i said to myself i am taming dat thing

  9. I play on the ragnorake map and the closest spinos are all together so even if I get one tamed it’s going to be terrible to try and get it out

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