Hacking the Legend of Zelda (NES) – Game Genie Hijinx! (Luigi Clap!)


From a chainsawing Tim to a Sliding around Link, we take a look at some awesome Legend of Zelda hacks using the Game Genie!

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24 thoughts on “Hacking the Legend of Zelda (NES) – Game Genie Hijinx! (Luigi Clap!)

  1. A lot of love went into this one, hence the delay! If you enjoyed please support Super Mayhem on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/supermayhem

  2. The Guinness World Record Book is wrong. Zelda is not the first game to have a battery backup. Pop & Chips for the Famicom had battery backup and released some 6 months before Zelda.

  3. In case any of you weren't aware, a "Minus World", with "Minus Dungeons" were discovered in this game! I've converted the code so that it can be played on a REAL NES and GAME GENIES! Check out my video:

  4. 5:22 The true Zelda Master will use this code and beat the game with an ordeal in their disposal, claiming the title of a Zelda Legend, combine this with the more enemies code, and we've got amythycal Zelda Player on our hands

  5. I dont know what new enemy I would add to Legend of Zelda, but I do know one I wish wasn't there at all. The Tophatter. (Correct me if I'm wrong on its name) Its that little flying helicopter thing that is low enough to hit your head, but too high to be injured by anything you throw at it. I HATE THOSE THINGS!!

  6. i would make it a trash can and call it trashy Mc. trash trash
    did i ever tell you the time i invited mario sonic and crash bandicoot to my house for a sleepover?

  7. My Enemy would be named LifeDrainst
    That would grab link and slowly drain his life and you could only get rid of it by attacking yourself

  8. that last code reminded me of crystalis, you can run and swing your sword in that game so I definitely get that vibe with this code!


  10. A bombos. He’s a beamos that shoots bombs at you, and the only way to defeat it is with a laser. So you’d have to reflect something like a beam of sunlight into it with the mirror shield.

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