Here's Why The Honda CB1100 was a MASSIVE Failure…


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Back by popular demand is the Honda CB1100! Today I’m discussing why I think the motorcycle did not do well stateside in terms of sales. In fact, the bike did so poorly that Honda ceased stateside deliveries after 2014, only a year after its introduction to the U.S. market. Keep in mind, this is purely speculation on my part. I thoroughly enjoy riding this motorcycle and think everyone should at least give it a try. I’ll also share my thoughts and impressions of the bike, do a walk around, 0-60, and see if we can get it up on one wheel! Enjoy!

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27 thoughts on “Here's Why The Honda CB1100 was a MASSIVE Failure…

  1. I agree with pretty much everything you said about this bike and Honda. After working for them as a salesman, I can definitely tell you that they like to play it safe in their overall business model. The price on these bikes were out of line with what you got as well as, like you said, what else you could get. They did have the EX in the States, which was a little better, but at a price. And Yes, had they brought the EX to the States, I think it would have been a better hit. But I will give them a little credit since they offer the CB100R. But they mislabel it as a Standard, when in reality, it is more of a Naked bike.
    I actually wanted this to be a better bike than it was. My first Street bike was a '79 CB750, that my cousin gave to me in 1986, and it took me a while to get that bike running. But when I did, it was a blast to ride and for me, powerful. Regardless of that, when I had the opportunity to ride the new CB1100, it was a disappointment. Mainly because, like I said before, it was not really an improvement over the bikes of yor. It seemed like they had actually released the same bike with a slight amount of improvement, but that did not command that high of a price tag. So, like many buyers, I passed on it and actually haven't looked for one on the showroom in the bargain basement arena, nor the used lots. I'd rather pay a premium for an original, unmolested bike and fix it up, and still be less out of pocket.

  2. Shame we never got the rs in the states but man I gotta say I am part of the niche market for this bike, I’m hoping to go look at one I think I’ll pick it up as a replacement for my 1981 Suzuki gs450e because I’d like a bike I can actually ride to college instead of wrenching not riding

  3. I think price and black rims, there were not black rims in the 60's and 70's Black wheels makes a bike look ugly and chip…EZ.

  4. The sad part is, most complaints about the CB1100 are largely negated by the CB1300. So why in the hell won't Honda bring it stateside? It is larger, liquid cooled, more powerful, while still being a retro standard naked with sportier tank and seat. It's like a CB1100 and a 919 had a baby.

  5. The only failure I see is the redundant unprepaired editorial you gave in your presentation.You gave very
    little dialog to state your opinion.

  6. …from a 54 year old dude who was a teenager in the early 1980's. The Honda CB series was the stuff of dreams. Loved these bikes then and and love them now. Honda's current USA export line up in 2020 doesn't have anything even close. Just that cookie cutter CB1000 which is so fugly. Wish Honda would give me one more shot at the CB series before I sail off.

  7. Your wheelies r always sweet. How do u like this compared to wheeling the Harley…. my fat bob is work, fun but a major challenge …

  8. Great review… I love my fat bob but I think that Honda is the perfect middle bike . Cruise, play around. Passenger, 4 cylender …. may be my next bike

  9. I love mine. Bought it from Ride Now in Chandler for $7k. I love the looks, sound, and the way it rides but the lack of power was such a disappointment, I lost a race to a Camaro!

  10. Because this motorcycle to heavy and too high that's why they not popular . for the average person especially in the Asian country also the same look for the years

  11. I remember driving by this bike in a window many a month dreaming about it. It was beautiful. But the price was just too high.

  12. Definitely the most true to the original, beautiful,retro styled bike there is.If they bring it back to the states,I’ll buy one immediately.

  13. I have ‘17 cb1100ex and love it. The ‘17 has much improved Shoei suspension and better exhaust system. I tested the triumph t120, Yamaha xsr 900 and Kawasaki z900rs . The Honda is very different with an air cooled engine, so not as fast but amazing how the cb feels to me on road…..great balance, feel and sound, and plenty fast for me. I did not dislike any of the other bikes, but did not want to get off the cb when test rode. It is engineered and put together so well too. The impeccable fit and finish of the cb is head and shoulders above anything you compare it to. But many don’t appreciate this and the premium price required vs other faster ujm bikes. So it does not sell well.

  14. If I had the money I would have bought a deluxe model, I personally enjoy the old look of the CB 400 and 750s and still have a CB400A

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