Honda CB1100Rs & CB1100EX | First rides |


We ride the updated Honda CB1100 EX and new CB1100 RS in Spain.

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28 thoughts on “Honda CB1100Rs & CB1100EX | First rides |

  1. I like the retro naked look, but the Kawasaki z900rs is lighter and still has PLENTY of power. Also I hate spoke wheels. Too difficult to clean. At least they are stainless, which is MUCH better than chromed steel spokes.

  2. Instead of blather on and on the bottom line is it doesn't handle any better than a Triumph handles and that's not saying very much

  3. Im not slating modern retros, or modern bikes, i just think making bikes, gonna get moaned at for this "safe" defeats the object. These Hondas are uttery stunning though.

  4. The best thing about pre technology bikes was that they scared you. I own a Gen 1 Hayabusa, no ABS, no traction control etc. 175 bhp…imagine that in the wet. My heart pounds as i walk up to it and thats how bikes should be. I can overtake anything, and i mean anything, but when that back wheel spins on that white line its adrenalin plus….just saying.

  5. I bought the 2014 6-speed version, all black with the 4 into 1 stainless exhaust. It has more power than I legally use on public roads, it’s smooth and comfortable and dies everything a rider needs it to do. It’s not a sport bike and wasn’t designed to be one. It’s a “standard” and a very good one at that.

  6. Interesting note on the turning effort on the RS. I've seen other YT videos where the RS is said to be easier to lean & turn than the EX precisely because it has 17" wheels as opposed to 18".

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