How to Color Calibrate Your Display

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Lisa Gade shows you how to use a colorimeter to evaluate and color calibrate your laptop or desktop display. For those who don’t want to buy a colorimeter (a USB device that costs around $150), she also shows you how to use your graphics card’s calibration options and Windows built-in color calibration in the Display control panel. Why color calibrate your display? Beyond measuring brightness, contrast and color gamut, you’ll get a better looking picture that matches what the creator of the photo, video or website intended. Your color photo prints will match what you see on screen too. We use the Datacolor Spyder 4 Pro colorimeter with the Lenovo LaVie Z for this tutorial. X-Rite is the other popular colorimeter brand, and both do the job well.


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36 thoughts on “How to Color Calibrate Your Display

  1. Lmao a color-o-meter that's pretty useful tho I wish I had one for my various 4k investment and 144hz monitor..

  2. Nice video but I had to downvote due to promotion of proprietary software… You should have used to calibrate your monitor…

  3. Hi Lisa. I'm a pc gamer that values color accuracy. What coloromiter do you recommend for my pretty average needs? I don't need to calibrate printers, projecters, multiple screens at a time etc. I just want 1 properly callibrated display.

  4. thanks for the video MTR, just got a new laptop and this was the first video that actually gave me the answer to my question

  5. I callibrated my screen once with spider.. my dad did for me. But then i realised that my screen has a warm tint which makes my art look much different than other screens. How can i remove the warm tint if i dont have the spider device with me….All i want is to switch to the neutral tint. thanks

  6. Hi Lisa, thanks for the video! I just bought the Lavie Z non-touch version and wanna calibrate it. Is there anyway that I could get the optimum settings that you got using your colorimeter device? can you share that?

    thanks alot

  7. Hi Lisa, the only thing holding me back from purchasing the x250 is that it's not anywhere near 100% RGB.  So my question is, is it possible to calibrate the x250 ips 1920 x 1080 non touch display to achieve something like the T450s display.  Thank you.

  8. I ussually just calibrate my tv as close to may macbook 13 as possible (YES I AM CHEAP,, but those samsung TVs always need to be calibrated)

  9. Hey Lisa/all, will the calibration process be (negatively) affected by the auto brightness feature (set on the firmware – can't disable it) on my HP Spectre 13? If I put the laptop in a dark room the brightness level drops quite drastically (good for eyes and battery life but I'm suspecting bad for calibrating the display). Cheers.

  10. The cheap no-name TV hooked up to my Windows Media Center setup was so mis-calibrated when I got it, I had to borrow my friend's Spyder to fix it.  Even though I worked at a photo lab during high school, I couldn't get the color to look right by just eyeballing it.

  11. top of the line W541 or W550 for Solidworks, Adobe CC, older windows xp era games what do you reccomend?

    3k display, windows 7,  16 or 32 gb of ram, i7-4940mx or i7-5600u Quadro K2100m or K620M graphics

  12. I've been watching your video's a lot this week!
    But still have big doubts.
    Is there a laptop you'd advise that has decent battery life, portability (~13inch), decent screen and 16Gb ram?

    I only found the rMbp 13 with an upgrade

    Thanks in advance,
    Subscribed btw 🙂

  13. Hey Lisa, can you do a Smackdown between the HP Spectre x360 and the ThinkPad Yoga 12? I'M still not sure which one to buy.

  14. Lisa, we need the "Lisa Gade's The Tech I'm Using June. 2015 Edition" you promised it ;(
    Greetings from Chile!.

  15. I'd like to calibrate my desktop monitor using the monitors settings not my PC cause I use my monitor with my gaming consoles as well. What would you recommend for that as this program seems to change settings in my PC and not the actual monitor.

  16. Now I finally understand what's going on when u review every laptop and you say you calibrated the displays lol.

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