How to download and Install IBM SPSS v22 | Complete Tutorial

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Download and Install IBM SPSS v22
In this video, I showed you how to download and install IBM SPSS v22. Before starting download and installation remember few instructions:
1) Install WinRAR for extracting the MatLab file. Watch how to download and install WinRAR at
2) IBM SPSS v22 download link:
3) IBM SPSS v22 setup size is almost 1.5GB, so you should have fast internet and disk space for downloading it.
4) Watch and follow my video completely for avoiding any installation or license issues
5) IBM SPSS v22 downloading and installation process will take at least 20-30 minutes
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29 thoughts on “How to download and Install IBM SPSS v22 | Complete Tutorial

  1. Thank u very much for your generous act…u are saving lots of lives from misery including mine..Many thanks

  2. te adoro!
    Sirve al 100%
    Sigan todos y cada uno de los pasos yo pase mas de 10 horas hasta llegar a este video, es una joya

  3. Thank you so much . your video was extremely helpful and save me in the last hour when i had lost all my hope. May ALLAH bless you

  4. Thank you so much for putting this video. This video is very much useful to me. I had a hard time in installing spss. But, out of all the SPSS installation videos, this video is the best video that I found. This really made my day. Thank you so much once again! Keep up the good work!

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