How to Fix Realtek High Definition Audio Driver Issue & Fix Issues With Any Realtek Sound Card 2020

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How to fix issues like crackling sound, no sound, microphone not working, and other sound problems with Realtek High Definition Audio Driver in Windows 10, 8 or 7. Will help you solve issues with Realtek sound cards in general n 2020.

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49 thoughts on “How to Fix Realtek High Definition Audio Driver Issue & Fix Issues With Any Realtek Sound Card 2020

  1. If you need to recover lost files you can try Wondershare's audio recovery software here: (sponsored)

  2. POSSIBLE FIX – So guys, for all of you that are still searching comments for sollution.
    For me i tried everything: updating, uninstaling, disabling efects, manualy installing from sites/pc etc. etc.
    Sound drivers for windows can be a bit wild.
    What i did was just reverting realtec audio driver back to high deffinition (firstcouple of times the sound was horrible). Just dont loose hope guys. Try to jsut switch between latest realtec and high definition audio device. Uninstal/restart if you mess up somehow. You are just basically playing with chances.

    I hope you guys will stay srong and fix all your problems.

  3. I updated the realtek audio drivers. After a while my audio just disappeared i tried everything like unplugging the speakers and putting them behind my pc i tried restarting the computer but it doesnt fix anything i tried plugging it back on the front but it still doesnt work what the fuck is wrong with this shitt

  4. Would you be able to help me? My realtek hd audio recognizes my headphones as speakers. This is a problem because I want to use my headset for 7.1 gaming audio, but I only get 2 channels in my headset because the computer thinks it's desktop speakers

  5. You’re a fucking beast!!! I just installed new drivers bc I had problems with the mic today and suddenly my sound was super low! Installed multiple sound boosters but none helped… until this video! Keep up the great work!!!

  6. Absolutely remarkable, After a recent update, the audio quality went down the sewers for my laptop. With this, I was able to regain the quality of my audio! 10/10

  7. Hi im having a problem with my realtek device.
    I have Realtek(R) Audio currently installed on my computer. I tried updating the driver the way you showed on your video, but after update+restart it still shows realtek(R) Audio.
    I also tried downloading the latest driver from the realtek website, i did all correctly, it uninstakked the previous versions, and installed the latest, but after the reboot its still showing Realtek (R) Audio. Any idea on how to fix this? Thank you!

  8. i have realtek audio and something that is annoying me is the audio even at 100% without headphones is so quiet now ive tried everything i could do but nothing worked i hope after this video it will work

  9. bro..i have mic issues. when i am connecting my earphone in my laptop i am able to hear in the earphone.. but the voice is captured in my laptop inbuilt mic..instead of capturing from earphone mic..what to do?

  10. That did it! Thanks for your help. Not only did I just tried to lower the volume, but I also changed it to High Definition Audio. Thank you, again! ^__^

  11. Realtek is a complete abortion on their drivers, on their website, they are three years old (wtf), when win10 load the latest driver from its site, its 2 years old, again wtf, go here and d/l the 164MB version 6-4-2020 (its a cab file) and update driver (device manager, chose file on my system, point to folder where you d/l the driver)

  12. My Realtek audio driver randomy disappeared after an forced restart (power button) i tried reinstalling it but it dosen't work or even show up in control panel, what should i do?

  13. Can someone help me? When I updated my windows 10 to latest version I lost that "bassy sound". My games and videos sounded super weird so I watched this video and updated device audio and that worked..but now if I'm trying to record my gameplay and my microphone volume is very very quiet and turning voice settings to 100% + dB to 30% didn't help.

  14. Hello. I tried to follow your instructions. And I did, but it didn't fix my problem. Which is that my realtek recognises that audio devices are connected. But it doesn't give out audio to the speakers. and it doesn't take in audio from the microphone either. This happened after a power supply failure. Does this mean my sound card system is burned or broken? Please help me of you can because I tried googling it and looking all over the internet for a fix but I couldn't find one

  15. Hi! thanks for the video, it worked for me. Is there a way to not update only the audio driver instead of every driver? Thanks

  16. This seems to have resolved issues I was having with videos sounding "scrambled" on YouTube which I had assumed was due to Chrome. When sound from MP3 files on my laptop also started sounding scrambled and distorted it became clear that the Realtek soundcard was at fault. The early signs seem good so hopefully this fix does the trick. Thanks!

  17. getting sound detection on the reading in the manage audio devices window but still no sound from my headphones, I know the headphones work as they output audio from other devices.

  18. I followed your steps but everytime I restart my computer and I check the audio, it's still using realtek audio and the crackling issue is still there when i turn up the volume. I've tried it several times and it keeps reverting back to realtek audio. please help!

  19. This didn't work for me. After I updated to high definition audio the sound wouldn't even work entirely after I restarted it not once but twice. However, I decided to update the driver to version of RealTek instead of version 6.0.8799.1 and it fixed all of my audio problems. Honestly, Microsoft pisses me off now in days. After I was quite literally forced to update because apparently "this version will no longer be supported" only for my audio to becone the quality of a phone speaker (even with headphones) and without headphones you can barely hear anything at 100 audio. Fuck Microsoft, after they shoved OneDrive down my throat and forced me to uninstall that they then force me to update my computer only to make my audio intolerably bad. Thanks to your video though I now know that I can revert to the past if I want, thank you so much for helping me find a solution!

  20. If you go to, add and remove programs ,you can uninstall the Realteck audio drivers and windows won't reinstall it. Once you uninstall it all you need to do is restart your computer and it will use the windows default HD drivers.

  21. thankyou so much….i was facing sound problem for a month….and finally got fixed by your video. thankyou sir…..

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