How to Make a Sims 4 Super Nerd: Logic Programming & Handiness Aspirations


A guide to two of The Sims 4’s aspirations. Nerd brain gives the handy reward trait, while computer whiz provides webmaster. This allows instant upgrade of objects, turking on the computer for extra money, and doing a research binge to get experience in a few skills at once. Presented in walkthrough format, it provides key information to make finishing these easier.

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Nerd Brain:

Total Satisfaction Gained: 5,000

Reward Trait: Handy Lets a Sim instantly Fix/Upgrade any Object, meaning this Sim will fly through the Handiness skill levels and have a fully upgraded home.

Nerd Brain Aspiration Objectives:

Milestone I: Prudent Student
Finish Reading 3 Books (75)
Achieve Level 3 Logic Skill (75)

Milestone II: Erudite
Repair or Upgrade an Object (250)
Craft an object on the Woodworking Table (350)
Achieve Level 6 Logic Skill (300)

Milestone III: Rocket Scientist
Achieve Level 5 Handiness Skill (350)
Launch or Upgrade a Rocket 5 Times (500)
Own a Rocket Ship (350)

Milestone IV: Nerd Brain
Achieve Level 10 Logic Skill (1500)
Fix or Upgrade 5 Objects (1250)

Computer Whiz:

Total Satisfaction Gained: 3,725

Reward Trait: Webmaster Get the ability to Make Money Turking under the Web Category on the Computer. This lets your Sim sit there and earn a flow of money that comes in random bits every few minutes. Additionally, you may Internet Stalk to learn a Sim’s Traits and go on a Research Binge that raises multiple Skills at once.

Computer Whiz Aspiration Objectives:

Milestone I: With the Program
Practice Programming for 5 Total Hours (75)
Play Video Games for 5 Total Hours (50)

Milestone II: Technically Adept
Maintain Focus for 2 Straight Hours of Video Gaming (250)
Achieve Level 3 Programming Skill (150)
Own $3,000 Worth of Electronics (200)

Milestone III: Computer Geek
Become an Adult (0)
Reach Level 3 of the Tech Guru Career (500)
Make a Video Game or an App (500)

Milestone IV: Computer Whiz
Reach Level 5 of the Tech Guru Career (1000)
Have Spent 100 Hours on the Computer (1000)

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28 thoughts on “How to Make a Sims 4 Super Nerd: Logic Programming & Handiness Aspirations

  1. Not sure why he didn’t mention this but to me freelance programming is the best programming money maker. My level 10 programmer takes jobs for an average of 7k and can finish them in half a day.

  2. I think if after hacking there was a chance that police came to your house after hacking it would add a lot more depth to the game. Also if when they came to the house you had options like confessing to them or deny it and if you had good charisma you could talk yourself out of it.

  3. Should have mentioned the LOT TRAITS also! Study Spot + Science Lair + Fast Internet will make all of those skills level 70% Faster not including Savant and Quick Learner traits which all stack to 120% faster. Especially useful for mortals! Dying is for suckers anyways, wait that didn't come out right! XD DAMN VLAD!

  4. Very interesting! I'm so glad I've found your channel! So I used my super sim to play the new conservationist career. I thought "research conservation" gave me random points I hadn't maxed, but it was from my aspiration rewards? I'll have to try it with a new sim.

  5. omgosh, I just started playing a month ago…. and after watching many of your videos.. I had no idea there were so many mechanics in the game. I've been just trying to keep them from dying and making them happy. It's really like watching a reality show unfold. But that pinning whims, first person perspective, yoga, what moods actually do, the food has calories… no idea. Well my second generation matriarch is about to die.. third gen on, maybe we'll get some focus. Thanks for the great videos.

  6. I know that there are ways to speed up getting the relevant skills such as programming and video gaming but are there ways to speed up say the creation of mobile apps, video games, rockets, etc?

  7. I've never really used the Computer Whiz aspiration, but done Nerd Brain several times. I love the Handy reward trait! It's so useful! It's especially great if you're playing a legacy — get Handy on a sim that's early in the legacy and spend the rest of that sim's life going around and upgrading EVERYTHING. The subsequent generations will be grateful!

  8. Has anyone who has played The Sims 4 noticed that bug in which the option to hack work performance doesn't show up? Also does anyone know how to fix this glitch a mod to install that will make it appear?

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