Improve SQL Server performance using profiler and tuning advisor

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This video first starts with a simple explanation of what is a SQL server profiler and performance tuning wizard. After completing the basic concepts it then demonstrates a simple example using two tables by capturing the work load and understanding the recommendations given by the tuning wizard.
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50 thoughts on “Improve SQL Server performance using profiler and tuning advisor

  1. thank you very much sir !it is 100% helpful video i have an idea what is SQL profiler is now thanks once again great job

  2. Wow! This is the kind of explanation i was looking for. Well done!!!! Look forward to expand my knowledge with your great teaching methods. Thanks!!!!!

  3. One of the great videos that I have ever seen which is really helpful for optimizing the database performance but one small question is raising in my mind why it has shown the reason as the invalid object in the tuning log even the table exists in the database.

  4. Nice explanation on SQL profiler and database Tuning advisor thank you sir, for this video

  5. Is it accurate to say that profiler is like an event viewer ( as in Windows) for SQL Server? PS: Lassi and Chai now come caffeine-free :). Nice presentation. Please slow down a bit.

  6. The most easy way is: write the query on SSMS new query as you did … then select the query, right click, and choose Analyze Query in database Engine Tuning Advisor. This makes life more easier.

  7. Good job, I'm using 2014 sql server express edition and failed to open the DTA tool. could you suggest what are the reasons.
    database engine tuning adviser does not support SQL Express.(DTA Client)

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