Introduction to SQL Server 2012 – SQL server Tutorial

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1.Introduction to SQL Server
2.History of SQL Server
3.Editions of SQL Server
4.Server Components and Tools
5.Instance and Browser Service
6.Starting and Stopping SQL Server Service
7.Types of Authentication
8.Management Studio
9.Types of System Databases

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This Video Tutorial is thought by Mrs. Vandana Soni IT Industrial Expert, 5000 + students got prepared under his initiative.

In this instructional exercise, ideas are taught with ongoing Examples in simple and justifiable strategies for absolute beginners to cutting-edge levels.

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4 thoughts on “Introduction to SQL Server 2012 – SQL server Tutorial

  1. I just got my first Network Administrator Position!! —- its for a non-profit, they only have 2 Servers, SQL 2012 ( wish they were a bit more advanced in that area) —- I will mostly be by myself, any tips for someone just starting out, troubleshooting, troubleshooting tools, I believe they have Windows in their office. Thanks

  2. thank you for the effort. so is it possible to send me the material in docx or pdf, material that you did use in this lesson please?

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