iPad Air 1 In 2020! (Still Worth It?) (Review)



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The iPad Air 1 came out in 2013, so how does it hold up in 2020? Let’s find out!

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50 thoughts on “iPad Air 1 In 2020! (Still Worth It?) (Review)

  1. My brother said my roblox isn’t working bc This iPad Is old now:( and I had 11,000 diamonds in Royale high

  2. Well I love mine! I have an Air 1 and a 9'7 from 2018. I bought the Air 1 for $35 (it was locked, but I recently bypassed the Hello screen). Works like a charm. If you're not a big fan of extremely HD games, it definitely matches your needs.

  3. Still works fine for video streaming and most casual apps. Web browsing and some games are slow. Think I’ll need to replace this year or early 2021. Battery also working well despite charging daily since late 2013.

  4. The Air 1 is garbage. It doesn’t support any heavy games like cod mobile and Pubg. That’s why I went for the Air 2 instead.

  5. Is this ipad air 1 or ipad mini 2 still can install youtube kids?anyone pls answer me pls..sorry my english not so good🙏

  6. The iPad Air was ahead of its time. Apple literally used that same design for every iPad till what 2018? That’s a whole 5 years of the same design just bigger or smaller.

  7. in my opinion this thing still holds up great if you just want to stream video whether it be yt or Netflix, and still great for web browsing and checking facebook and instant messaging. I still have mine and use it every day

  8. Can I play Infinite flight or Real Flight Simulator here? Planning to buy an ipad for that purpose alone.

  9. I been loving mine. Just use for internet and media. Is it slow at times? Yes, but it’s older software

  10. I bought my iPad Air when it came out in 2013, still using it. I ordered the new iPad Pro 2020 and I can’t wait for the massive jump of an upgrade

  11. I think i will got this iPad soom because my school study on Zoom but my Vsmart's phone screen so small so i will buy it ! Do u think this is comfortable for me ? I just watch YouTube and use Good Note on it

  12. Watching this on my iPad Air 1. Had t since 2014. Use it for YouTube Music Netflix apple videos and Disney plus. So streaming services

  13. Just ordered this one today(32GB/Cellular) for 150€. I never owned a iPad so it's a good device to begin working with a iPad in my opinion. It looks gorgeous and has a great battery! For the most things like typing word documents or making PowerPoint presentations it's great. Also watching YouTube or browsing Instagram or Twitter will be a good experience I guess (not the best but good). The Size is huge for my small hands so maybe the mini would be a better choice… Anyways thanks for your review!

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