Kakyoin VS King David, Who will win?? [ WoM Boss Fight ]


In Todays Video i went up against King David using my level 60 Kakyoin Character. who will be victorious? will kakyoin be powerful enough or is crystal not the best fit for the job find out next time on Dragon Ball Z Ultra!

New to WoM? Need Help with the items? cant find what you need in the official trello? well look no further, after 18+ hours of grinding i believe i have found every accessory, armor, and weapon all located in this free to use trello

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25 thoughts on “Kakyoin VS King David, Who will win?? [ WoM Boss Fight ]

  1. me and 2 other people tried to kill him once and he shot us once and we all died at the same time

  2. Do jotaro, there's a fisherman cap that looks like his hat that can be obtained from chests or do joseph there's a fedora from the chests get the yellow variant

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