King David of Israel – Ancient Heroes (both parts)


Ancient Heroes – Ramses II:
Ancient Heroes – King David of Israel:
Ancient Heroes – Pericles of Athens:
Ancient Heroes – Julius Caesar:

This is the epic tale of King David, the man you might know as defeating Goliath, being a shepherd, and the Batseba-story.
Here is the historical and heroic David, the man who ALSO turned Israel into a superpower, crushed enemy forces AND build up Jerusalem. THIS IS KING DAVID!

Game: Rome total war
Music: Hans Zimmer and Two Steps from Hell

NOTICE!!! I belive in the Bible, so this video is NOT trying to proove that David never defeated Goliath..ect. AND!! Those who bring trash into this video just because they dont like Israel, will be FLAGED AND REPORTED. You are welcome to discuss Israels war, but dont bring TRASH! No swearing, just normal discussion!!!!


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46 thoughts on “King David of Israel – Ancient Heroes (both parts)

  1. Why is King David depicted as a white man knowing for a historical fact that in both the middle east, and africa the people were of darker skin complexion?

  2. There is a mistake at 3:09 – it should read BCE – not AD.  BCE=before common era. This is the nomenclature that anthropologists use today in the modern period. No one uses AD any longer. Before the Common Era. What date you wrote there is a mistake by almost two thousand years. King Saul did not live 900 years ago. Think about what I am saying and edit your video.

  3. Nice video, however David's army was based on infantry and God,
    They didn't rely on cavaly or chariots if you have read the bible.  They only have to trust the Lord.  

  4. the book of RUTH is messed up. ruth was never a Moabite, she was a Israelite from that area, again RUTH was nebver a Moabite, she was a Israelite, and the scriptures prove it, the book of ruth was tampered with, the scriptures prove it. and geological history proves it as well.

  5. very close, but the northern kingdom was called Israel sometimes samaria after its capital city. as Jacob blessed the lads of joseph, let my name (Israel) be named on these 2 lads. which sometimes Israel/ samaria was also called by, Ephraim. the southern kingdom was always called the house of Judah or household, because it had 3 tribes to its make up. Judah the ruling tribe, also the tribe of the king, the benjamites and the levites, made up the house of Judah.

  6. in brief you don't know what your talking about, better chreck the Babylonian, assyarian,persian, Greek, roman records sir. ther Babylonians, called them the house of issac.sorry all these nations didn't just call Israel by one name, instead of theone in there natural tongue.must be a headache for you, trying to track them, since each nation, had there own anme for them.yet they were all the same people, being called by different names

  7. u said at the end that there wasn't a state of israel for 2000yrs after babylon defeated israel but u are missing out the maccabean revolt which ruled israel independently for quite some time until the Romans after that then there was the 2000yr wait

  8. Dovd ben Jeshu…David son of Jesse…drunken,lying,cheating, womanizing power-mad coward. Typical Zionist "Hero".

  9. Amen my brother, the west is deceived by propaganda and lies, please forgive our ignorance. Soon we shall all be together, all rebellion shall be put down and Christ Shall Be Our King! I am so looking forward to embracing my brothers and sisters from Iran, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Russia, Canada, Mexico, USA, from all corners of the Earth. The heathen of this world shall bow before us because our Lord and Savior loves us, and we love Him. Come quickly Lord, deliver us from this present evil age.

  10. Then I could say that David was a Christian, because Christianity contradict with Islam and Judaism as well, but still I assert that David was Jewish, solely because Christianity hadnt yet split with Judaism. The same way, Islam hadnt yet split with Judaism, so therefore it cannot be right to say he was a muslim. David didnt believe in the Holy Prophet, simply because he hadnt yet even been born.

  11. Coptics and other persecuted Christians in the middle east have been in the news a lot over the past year or two. Sadly, most Christians outside the area have chosen to remain silent.

  12. With that comment you claim that Thermistocles and Pericles never sinned? Every human sins. You do. I do. David was no different. Nor was Thermistocles or Pericles. We are all human. David ruled Israel to its golden age, thats worth noticing.

  13. This was a tribe. This story was in bible for some reason.

    Dated back to 1000 BC (BC means Before Christ).

    Alexander the Great was 300 BC.

    No one noticed this?

    One tribe/clan/family bloodline DOMINATED ALL.

  14. Dont be surprised if Jesus is some how related to King David.

    Jesus is Caesarion, Cleopatra of Egypts son and his father is Caesar of ROME.

    Young Jesus, I mean Caesarion was to bring 2 great Super Powers together. Roman Empire and Egyptian Middle East Empire together.

  15. There was alot of war before the bible.

    The bible… was a DESCENDANT of someone that took over Israel, Egypt and probably part of North Africa and… the whole entire Middle East. Actually I dont know how much land they owned.

    But this story is 1000 BC. 1000 years before Jesus was crucified by Legionnaires.

    When Jesus came around. He was a descendant of… alot of ROYAL families. You have no idea.

    The only one I can trace is the NOBLE family that took Egypt which was Ptolemy of Macedon?

  16. Really? David did that? He steal… or she come to him?

    David would kick your ass for putting words into his mouth.

  17. Dont know how accurate the story is but yeah.

    Look at the dating. And who was in POWER and how it happened.

  18. There is no meaning to the bible. It was a JOURNAL of what happened in time.

    You people read and look at it wrong which is why I hate christians pretty much but theres more to it than what you think.

  19. I am DAVID. My real name was DAVID before adoption.

    I can take a wild guess who GOLIATH was.

    And Im stuck in the usa. They want me to play something? I didnt want it to be LEADER, not of this nation.

    KING SAUL can kiss my ass along with King Amagennon (spelling).

    Achilles and your hero David, are not doing it.

  20. @baykomious — there are more people aware than you realize. I am an Orthodox Christian, as well. My bishops are Syrians (mostly). The persecution of our brothers and sisters in the Middle East is something we pray about daily.

  21. muahmad is a pedafile loves his cameals more then most people has only been around for 14 hundread years and thinks he own the holy city

  22. @baykomious do not worry. I constantly read about you people, my brothers, in Egypt, and all the tough situations you must go through. God bless you.

  23. the hebrew bible was right trough all the ages and its right again today when Israel going head to head with the world most ignorant leaders of the world for Israel's history, freedom, and survival.
    mark my words people because when the time comes there will be no escape.

  24. Solomon was his son. KING SOLOMON, as in SOLOMON SEA (Solomon islands) or SOLOMON TEMPLE when the Templars showed up in Middle East or in HOLY LAND aka JERUSALEM.

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