Learn Programming in 10 Minutes – 4 Concepts To Read all Code


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21 thoughts on “Learn Programming in 10 Minutes – 4 Concepts To Read all Code

  1. Rock bottom basics that others don’t teach, ever! Thank you for the simple demonstration! Fantastic!

  2. VERY helpful. Thank you so much. I wish you would make more videos explaining coding in an easy way

  3. in cooking there is some basic:
    taste (salt, sweet, bitter, sour, umami, spicy)
    texture (soft, crunch, hard, chewy)
    condition (hot, cold)
    smell (pungent, sweet, strong, stink)
    is programming using these same basic concept? where millions of things can be created out of these 4 laws?
    and also, you talked about loop. Which mean we need to be able to identify which item/condition belong to which class? is it the ability to sort things into a class?

  4. I'm interested in learn Python can you guide. In my college i try html and java but can't understand because I'm not interested in web development. I'm interested in the AI and machine learning and i searched on internet but I can't find any stuff where i learned python from scratch.
    Help me out. Thanks

  5. Wow thank you so much! This is helping me understand what I’m learning at the moment! (Python for cybersecurity)

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