Learn the HEALING BRUSH in About 5 Minutes! Photoshop Tutorial

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Learn Tips & Tricks of Both Healing Brushes in Photoshop!! | Learn the difference between the Spot Healing Brush and the regular Healing Brush and how to effectively use them!

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In this Photoshop tutorial, we will break down the pros and cons of each Healing Brush in Photoshop. We will talk about using the Healing Brushes non-destructively, how to better work with edges, more solid healing situations, flyaway hairs, angles and curves, and the ins and outs of one of the most powerful tools in Photoshop–The Healing Brush!

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49 thoughts on “Learn the HEALING BRUSH in About 5 Minutes! Photoshop Tutorial

  1. 7:13 Shortcut for rotate clone source:
    Hold Alt (Mac: Option) Shift < or > to rotate the Clone Source.

  2. Great tutorial and tips on healing brush, appreciate the no nonsense approach of squeezing all that into 7 minutes (aside from commentary).

  3. The pace is much too fast for somebody who wants to learn something new. At half that pace It would be so much easier to grasp new unknown content.

  4. When you find something that makes you sing 'laaaaaaaaaa' in a high-pitched angelic voice. Such a small thing; such a huge amount of time saved. Thank you. 🙂 (The tip about starting at the edge with the healing brush.)

  5. Very few people will understand the pain of removing a huge Adobe watermark from an image using the Healing Brush.

  6. I can't thank you enough for showing me the legacy healing brush option. I retouch 8 hours a day and after we upgraded Photoshop the new healing brush just wasn't doing what I'm used to and destroying my speed.

  7. Great content, but say, are you paid by words per minutes? Slowing down would make it much easier to follow you, especially non-native English speakers.

  8. Thanks. That was worth watching if only to learn about the Clone Source feature, which I wasn't previously aware of.

  9. @tutvid LOL I was listening but had glaces away at the end I looked up and you had unusual dappled light on your mouth area. My first thought was you were drinking a shake or frap or something with whipped cream, nope it was the light. Great tutorial

  10. Dude you just solved a problem I've had for months with the twist of the clone stamp!! I photograph watches and sometime miss stains on the frame that I have to edit in post! Thank you!

  11. Never mind the Guys complaining about the length of your Videos. You are doing a great Job and I did really Level up my PS Game because of you. So I don't give a S*** about the extra time you need. It's all for free Guys! Always remember that… Greetings, Toby…

  12. Thanks Nathaniel. Always learning more each time. You're a legend and I'll get your course brother 🙂

  13. While using photoshop, after the camera raw filter adjustments, the picture quality is degraded while working in the photoshop itself. but when i export it it look just fine and as I intend it to look. Why this may be?

  14. Why is this channel so f-ing awesome? You don't know how often you saved my ass dude. Just a big fat random thank you for all the knowledge you put out into the world. You deserve way more viewers, but I hope you feel the appreciation, nonetheless!

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