Medusa Cat Is a Literal God


honestly it carried me through this stage when I did this without medusa in it I lost but once I slapped medusa right on in there I won within like 3 tries
I hope you enjoy my crappy drawling of medusa cat that took me like 20 minutes to draw because I have no art talent.

anyways so Ajillo Highlands. I got to it when I did no crys on my en about a year and a half ago and basically thats what made me quit. Turns out all I needed was to beat cotc 2 so I could get cotc 3 fruits which is almost impossible on en and to get volta and wait for his tf which lets him be 8 frames short of a perfect freeze. sadly this is the last hard alien stage throughout all of SoL and UL combined if I can read stage schematics right so I will be reaching the end soon. I have also beaten most alien advents including some of the ones I thought were impossible so this my journey is nearing the end. But hey who knows maybe one of the ul stages that looks easy is actually really freakin hard. or next update ponos will drop some nasty post cotc 3 ul stages on us that are even worse than swim meet. Guess I’ll see then


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