Monogamy Won't Work for Most People | How to Have a Successful Monogamous Relationship


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9 thoughts on “Monogamy Won't Work for Most People | How to Have a Successful Monogamous Relationship

  1. No one really believes in monogamy ( one partner for life) they believe in serial monogamy. One partner at a time. Frankly, in terms of hassle and not having a super diminished dating pool, it's a do able alternative to polyamory..

  2. Your right about the parents. Not only have they cheated or not cheated they are just not happy and eventually just hate each other

  3. I’ve given thought to the possibility of having an open relationship with a woman but a part of me can’t make peace with the fact that I’d be investing in a woman who is sleeping with other men. I will not invest seriously in a woman who is taking other dicks. I’d rather keep things casual and just mess around than know that the woman who I am giving so much of my non-sexual attention to is spreading her legs open for guys who don’t have to put in as much effort. That’s just me though 🤷🏾‍♂️

  4. Thats why is so important,to find each other like a hand and glove,same interests ect! Best friends,best fck bodies its ultimate relationship! Its not abt age! You can find ur glove any moment,thats why you shud learn! Learn advice,learn mistakes. Its simply numbers and game till you get the one! If you lower you and really deep in heart you feel you not fit with chick,drop it straight away! Monogomous or other relationships. Even Mr.Locario not been felt over heels in love with chick who is a glove! But he is right 99% I know what I talk! Many men stick with average woman for comfort! Later all pops out! Trust your GUT it NEVER LIES!

  5. Anybody in "a healthy" monogamous relationship: Make time for each other at least 2x per week. Without any kids or bills….and the cheating rate will go down!!!

  6. Great vid Mr. Locario meanwhile AMS at it again with his don't listen to dating coaches who show no receipts

  7. Easy solution here. Don't get into monogamous relationship and never never get married. Marriage is the end of your social life yuck!

  8. The Mike Pence rule can help your merrige and relationship and it will stop temptation.

    And if people don't know what the Pence rule is people can look it up on YouTube.

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