MotoGP 13 – Moto2 – PS3 Gameplay


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49 thoughts on “MotoGP 13 – Moto2 – PS3 Gameplay

  1. is it only me who thinks the moto gp 2010/2011 better game play than the new one it feels like there is something missing from it its a shame i'm a massive gp fan !

  2. it was Dumb graphics.totally disappointing.
    Don't need to buy. if you want to play bike game Moto GP 08 is more than enough !!!

  3. I like sbk much better, even though its not gp I think they recreate the riding physics a little better. More detail too.

  4. Yeah, I actually watched videos but somehow it looks very different in game, at least the PC version. This PS3 version actually looks good, but for some reason the one I have has something weird. The handling might be a problem with sensitivity, but if you put slight pressure on the joystick, the motorcycle will turn like crazy.

  5. You sure? I can clearly hear engine sounds which are the same in SBK. Onboard cam works great, just takes some time to get used to it.

  6. All sounds are newly recorded. They didnt use any of the SBK sounds. And the onboard camera is really confusing when racing.
    Everything is moving when you just do a little move.

  7. Wow!. Ive been a massive motorsport fan for years but have always had a meh feeling towards MotoGP and I never really had any interest in the games,the last one I played was that fucking crock of shit by Capcom MotoGP10/11 and I was so turned off. I thought I would give MotoGP another chance by a different developer and im now a believer, I played the demo and played race after race after race.

  8. I just got this game and found out that half the Moto3 riders and a few Moto2 aren't even on the game yet, and apparently are being bought out as DLC. Nice of them to keep that quiet. Any idea on when this DLC will come out cause racing with 19 bikes in Moto3 sucks

  9. I hope they do update the game by changing any racers from motogp 1,2,3 like they do in some games..Maybe make DLC content.

  10. I went to reply to your comment but it was gone, by TT i mean time trial, Theres no time trial in the game, and yes your right the framerate in this game is almost unplayable, I did quatar last night too and on one corner its a complete mess, Catalunya is even worse.

  11. Practice practice 😉 Just look where you want to go and not focus on the bikes display to much. Once throttle and braking is smooth, onboard is real fun. Just like riding a real bike. When I get it for the PS3 or Vita i'll use onboard, like it better as it feels faster.

  12. I tried the demo on 360 but it was quite disappointing. Dumb graphics and jerky framerate. On videos it somehow looks better.

  13. You don't use the onboard camera? Also, it seems as if they used the sounds from SBK……shame really. Just watched the real MotoGP race at Catalunya and all bikes sound different.

  14. Are you gonna do like a career mode with your own rider & equipment after the previews?.. thx for all the tips by the way!

  15. Great, keep these vids coming… can't wait until Assetto Corsa will be out. I'm Italian, and quite proud to be…

  16. And then, it's an awful game! Ok, apart from physics, but, where are animations? Every driver stands on their bike in the same way, no moves on the seat, everything sounds and looks too scripted… I know it's a game made for huge piece of public, the guys who watch MotoGp on tv and want to come back from 30th place to first, but we players that want a semi-realistic game? What should we be playing?

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