MotoGP 14 – X360 PS3 Gameplay (XBOX 360 720P) Take a Look


MotoGP 14 – X360 PS3 Gameplay (XBOX 360 720P) Take a Look

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MotoGP 14 is an upcoming video game developed by Milestone S.r.l..

The game is due to be released on June 20 2014 in Europe on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and Xbox 360. On June 10 2014, Milestone announced that the game will be released in North America in September, and that Bandai Namco Games will be the publisher for this region.MotoGP 14 will also be released on Playstation 4, and will be the first next generation title developed by Milestone.

The game will include all the teams, riders and circuits from the 2014 MotoGP World Championship and will include all 3 classes: Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP. Building on the foundations of MotoGP 13, the game is expected to deliver a deep immerse MotoGP experience, with features including a brand new sound and graphics engine and revamped physics, aimed at improving upon the shortcomings of MotoGP 13 highlighted by critics and players alike.

MotoGP 14 boasts an all new sound engine and graphics engine which will allow for improved engine audio as well as revamped graphics, including improvements in lighting and shading.

The game will feature many single player and multiplayer modes. Single player modes include Time Attack, Grand Prix, Championship, Career and a new Scenario Mode, where players are put into a variety of situations based on past MotoGP events. Career mode will be similar to the previous title. The player will create their own rider and start as a wildcard with the ultimate aim of becoming MotoGP World Champion. Along the way the player will manage sponsors, bike upgrades as well as virtual fans and press through social media and interactions.

The game includes both 12 player online and two player local multiplayer. Online game modes include Grand Prix, Championship and Sprint Season. Also included is a mode called Split Battle, where players aim to complete the most number of laps and fastest sector splits in limited time. Local multiplayer modes are yet to be announced, however the game has been confirmed as having two player local play.


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24 thoughts on “MotoGP 14 – X360 PS3 Gameplay (XBOX 360 720P) Take a Look

  1. Hi gyes !!! Does anybody player exist for online gaming for ps3 game Motorcycle Club for year 2018 ? My online ID is grigoris-elias. Anybody please for this game sent me ps3 message for contact !!!

  2. its a bit more pretty.. but the motogp for the first xbox does exactly the same…in terms of handling/physics..great game btw and I still play it on the xbox 360 but this doesnt seem like a worthy upgrade imo..

    maybe im wrong but I dont see a difference in the gameplay at all..

  3. Tenho este game para PS3 e e a mesma coisa não muda nada. Eu pensei que eu era ruim, mas agora vi que e o game que e difícil mesmo. A muito tempo lançaram um simulador de motos para PS2 chamado Tourist Trophy, o único game de motos que prestou, depois só lançaram porcaria. O MotoGP 14 e uma excessão, tendo uma física bem realista e apesar de difícil, gostosa de jogar, recomendo.

  4. I swear, after Moto GP '07 This franchise and game went waaaaaaaay down hill. Such a sad, sad, sad shame.

  5. really don't gonna buy this…some other bikes in the gp class sounds like two strokes wtf!? Just Weird sounds of the bikes…And i think it's not that much better than motogp13

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