MSI GE73VR 7RF Gaming Laptop Review


This MSI GE73VR 7RF laptop is pretty awesome. It comes at a high price, but some impressive features including a 120HZ display, GTX 1070 and more make it pretty interesting.. Let’s take a look!
Products shown provided by: MSI

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MSI GE73VR 7RF Gaming Laptop Review



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29 thoughts on “MSI GE73VR 7RF Gaming Laptop Review

  1. Hi, i've been gaming on a PC since i was born and never had a laptop before, but a year ago my parents divorced and i am going to my dad's for 5 days every other week and it gets boring when i cant game there too cause i brought my pc with my mom and dont have one when i go to my dad so i found this laptop used (1 year old), costs 450 euros, so i was wondering if its worth it, since i really need one and this is probably one of the better laptops out there, i paid 1200 for my pc and this laptop seems to have a bit better specs than my pc but the whole mobile component difference is throwing me off. What do you think about this laptop? Would you recommend me this laptop for my needs and for the price of 450 euros? (i think thats pretty cheap). Thanks if you answer 🙂

  2. Grate review. Wish you had benchmarked some more games and with more quality settings including max tho. But overall really nice.

  3. would this be able to run black desert at max settings with comfortable fps? i dont really care if it uses the full potential of the monitor

  4. i have this laptop and i am having like 40-30 fps on gta can someone help me ? cod ww2 first i had 120 now i have below 60…

  5. I have this laptop and its a beast. I do like it but the only problem is loud fan during heavy games with high end setting.

  6. power brick should be massive because it needs to power a power hungry system better stick to macbooks or ultra's

  7. Surely a large power brick is re-assuring… it will allow enough of the photonic pixies to flow into the machine, which grants the gameplay shenanegans to ensue? good score overall, maybe a bit over… would like to see a few 3 rated products to give a range between 4 and 5
    maybe accepting a couple of rubbish products to make a base line of "merely good enough"

  8. Great vid as always sad to see the poor touch pad buttons, how much does it weight with and without the power brick?

  9. Great review….
    never before seen the mouse keys that bad on a laptop 😛
    I think i will stick to towers just because of issues i have had in the past of heat killing and throttling the CPU.

    Oh and i cancelled my water cooling kit lol gonna get a 1080 instead then a new 1tb SSD as my HDD (the last one living) is the loudest thing in my rig.

  10. Brother can you pleaseee do a laptop giveaway…I really need one for .my school work and also for fulfilling my gaming dreams

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