Oddville Gameplay Runthrough


Help keep Rahdo running @ !!! And now…
A video outlining gameplay for the boardgame Oddville. For more game info,

Part I: Gameplay Runthrough

(static cam)

Part II: Extended Gameplay

(static cam)

Part III: Final Thoughts


Hey Everybody! Today Paulo Runs Through “Rahdo’s Goofs”

If you find Goofs I didn’t notice Please leave Timestamps 🙂

Thank You

13:39 6 Points… she also has 4 Points from the Town Square above her building

Nguồn: https://bus-rush.info/

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3 thoughts on “Oddville Gameplay Runthrough

  1. I sure would love to come to your home and play games with you all! Thank you for your explanations!

  2. At 13:35, doesn't Jen have 6 points?  You said earlier that her card also counts the 4 points from the town square.

  3. Your videos would be absulutely and fantastically perfect if at the beginning you would say for how many players the game is. No big deal, but it would be nice to have that piece of info included in your wonderful vids.

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