Perfect Dark N64 – Area 51: Rescue – Perfect Agent (UltraHDMI)


Eighth level of Perfect Dark captured on a real N64 modded with UltraHDMI – the best quality you can possibly get from the real thing. I’m able to get and use the Phoenix since I left the maintenance guy alive in the previous level, it really helps to get through the level but obviously takes some extra time.

I’m playing with autoaim disabled and Perfect Agent, as usual.

System: UltraHDMI – NTSC, EverDrive-64 3.0
Capture card: AVerMedia GC573
Controller: Original N64 controller with a Grade A SteelBowl from SteelSticks64.

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1: Destroy computer records
2: Locate conspiracy evidence
3: Obtain and use lab technician disguise
4: Gain access to autopsy lab
5: Rescue the crash Survivor
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18 thoughts on “Perfect Dark N64 – Area 51: Rescue – Perfect Agent (UltraHDMI)

  1. Interesting that even though Ultra HDMI upscales to HD, most N64 games were only 240p. Perfect Dark could kind of do 480p for Hi-Res mode. Still looks great though.

  2. From the looks of it you have auto aim off? Because I’m trying to unlock all the goodies on my n64 and most of the time I end up dying

  3. if it gets destroyed you can use the dragon secondary mode to find an alternate way to destroy the wall.

  4. I always look forward to and get excited whenever you upload another ballin' vid of you clappin cheeks like a pro, Gras. Oh btw, DUYU? its getting old, i know. But i find that extremely funny for some reason 😀

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