POV of Twister … Ride It Out at Universal Studios Florida


See what it’s like to be standing next to a real tornado and see the destruction it causes, as seen in the Twister movie staring Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton.

Twister…Ride it Out re-creates all the nail-biting excitement and unforgettable moments from one of the most action-packed movies of all time.

Twister closed for good on Nov. 1, 2015 to make way for Ride Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon.

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44 thoughts on “POV of Twister … Ride It Out at Universal Studios Florida

  1. I rmemeber twoster at first i thought soemthing was gonna jump out with so many cracks and stuff in the walls but i loved the ride

  2. Crazy that, just 3 years after they filmed a movie about storm chasers studying tornadoes, two monsters hit Oklahoma. One F5 ripped an inch of asphalt off the road and cost over a billion dollars in damage; the other occurred a few hours later and was over 4 miles wide. Reality is more insane than fiction.

  3. I remember this ride. I remember everyone screaming and backing up and I'm just standing there waiting for it to get bad. I expected it to be more intresting then what I could see from my own porch at home.

  4. My favorite thing about theme park/haunted attractions are always the sets. They are like paintings: scenes captured in time, but here you can actually walk into them and marvel in awe at the detail. The set seen throughout this attraction, from the outside building to the interior, is insanely cool! The level of detail and immersion in this disaster-ravaged environment they put you in is off the charts. Love the chaotic feel, it's almost as if you put several action scenes in a movie on pause and started walking through it. And then when you actually get to the tornado, the effects are amazing! Love how the ceiling and walls are all massive screens with CG, and I really wanna know how they made the giant sign and thing from the gas station go flying away. Makes me wonder about the structural integrity of the place haha.

  5. Man i remember my trip to universal I am pretty sure i was to scared of the fire effects I knew they had to actually go in

  6. This was honestly a pretty lame show. I know the movie was a huge hit but I wouldn’t have let this one pass the drawing board.

  7. I liked this show! I know things need to change and UO has limited real estate to work with, but still a fun show. So glad it got captured on this video.

  8. I am very scared of tornados bc of my anxiety so I would be crying my anxiety sucks I have panic attacks when I hear the weather alarm go off so pls don’t judge I have anxiety sometimes during storm this is not even bad I still have anxiety tho

  9. I’m spooked this is not even like happening now where I am I was gonna say this was not even real but it is possible lol

  10. Last Time when I was there was in the Year 2000😢. I remember, that some people won't get in, because they were scared😆. One of the staff members told them, that it was only a Show. Even when they knew, they didn't go in!

  11. So surreal. I remember this as a kid and forgot all about it. Odd seeing Bill Paxton again. Dude was all about those kickass 90's movie roles.

  12. I remember the opening of this ride was delayed because of actual tornados went through north of Orlando and caused a lot of damage and a few deaths.

  13. I’m so sad that I never got the chance to experience this ride 😭💔 Twister is my favorite movie of all time and I love Bill Paxton! May he Rest In Peace ❤️🙏🏻

  14. Awe… my parents and I were gonna try this next time we went to universal. That sucks that it got replaced with stupid Jimmy Fallon…

  15. 5:29 fun fact: the reason why Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt were filmed separately is because they did not get along with each other

  16. I remember when I was like 9 I went on this with my parents and I started having a breakdown because I was terrified, so one of the cast members literally had to take me and my mum out of the ride area

  17. Once upon a time I had a dream…..I wandered through an amusement park experiencing different ride venues enjoying my time….THEN…..the Chinese, Bill Gates, & the U.S. Government completely ruined the world's life forever inventing something called COVID-19 virus…..all of humanity came to an abrupt halt living the way we once knew, enjoying many things both man made & natural….ended in every human being encased in a masked bubble, maintaining what they called " social distancing "…. then coming up with a vaccine that in reality can watch every single thing anyone does 24/7 through biometrics, & can never be able to remove the tracking ability until the person dies. I couldn't wait for the final end of life to come.

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