Programming for Game Devs Part 1: Classes, code structure, functions, Data types + more!


In this animated guide, you will learn the basics of how to code in C# for Unity game dev. I will cover the core concepts like; functions, variables, classes, and how together they make a game.

This is a part 1 of the c# beginners guide, with more tutorials like this to come shorty.

Part 2:

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How to make a 2d player controller:

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26 thoughts on “Programming for Game Devs Part 1: Classes, code structure, functions, Data types + more!

  1. Can you make a video of Unity Plugin engines such as Corgi engine, if they are really worth investing money, which says saves time.

  2. Please don't ever stop these, been looking for a comprehensive unity/c# guide that isn't just random five minute tutorials for the longest time 🙂

  3. Amazing presentation 🙌👌 good job bro keep it up.. Waiting for your next interesting and informative video ☺️

  4. Good job and well explained! Can't wait to see more of this.

    As a little feed-back: I like the humour and how you mixed it all together. It does not feel forced. You have funny and well chosen examples to explain what you are talking about. Pretty nice!
    But in my opinion the sound effects are slightly too loud compared to your voice. Instead of having the effects play a main role, rather have them play in the background , more quiet. Sometimes they where kinda distracting from the actual context.
    Other than that, well done. Keep up the good work!

  5. The most beautiful content on game development issues… I really love this channel! Greetings from Turkey!

  6. Can you make tutorial using Cinemachine for "perspective" mode instead of "orthographic" ? Also how to make the game resolution fit all screen size under "perspective" mode in Cinemachine. There is so little info about this & I'm sure there will be quite a lot who would like to know it.

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