Put Your Mummy Where Your Mouth Is – Board Game Show


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“Good game everybody. Hey, Don?”
“I’m here, James.”
“Can I get those green gems back?”
*(Don dangles his hand over the game box)
“Go on! Now! Throw them in the box!”
*(Don’s breath quickens with the pain)
“What are you waiting for? Just let them go!”
*(Don turns to James, a sickening grin spread across his face)
“The turquoise is mine.”
“No. No. Nooo!”

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23 thoughts on “Put Your Mummy Where Your Mouth Is – Board Game Show

  1. I think Adam would have won if he exited. What a true friend, dying with his friends in the tome, love him.

  2. This is one of the board games that deserves a part 2! This is a really interesting board game and a great series overall.

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