Remove ADS From Spotify On PC (2020) || Free Spotify Premium

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Hello Guys, Today In This Video I’m Going To Show On How To Remove ADS From Spotify On PC.

► Links (Windows):

🔸 Old Spotify Application ➟

🔸 Host File Location ➟ C:WindowsSystem32driversetc

🔸 IP Addresses And Hosts ➟

► Link (MAC):

🔸 Written Steps For MAC ➟

► Alternative Links (Windows):

🔹 Old Spotify Application ➟

🔹 IP Addresses And Hosts ➟




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34 thoughts on “Remove ADS From Spotify On PC (2020) || Free Spotify Premium

  1. Hey,
    If You Cannot Connect To Radio And Cannot Access The Friend Feature, Then Remove This Line From The IP Addresses And Hosts!

  2. The most painful thing about things only that are dirt cheap is that u cant buy them if u a kid. Thx for the video

  3. So, the IP list got significantly longer compared to what it's shown in the video. Do I still copy all of it?
    Edit: Seems to work, still have to test the audio ads. However the app has no tray icon and it just shows as a white rectangle.

  4. It doesn't work, when i paste the txt of the link in the description the old version of spotify doesn't run.

  5. Still works to this day my man. All the tutorials I've seen didn't work for me. Well, one did. But then it just stopped working when I formatted my PC and wanted to install Spotify again. Really appreciate you!

  6. Hey. I didnt have a spotify folder in appdata so i created one and followed the steps. The songs werent playing after following all the steps so I also removed the line you suggested to in the comments. However I'm still getting ads. Can you help?

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