Shapeshifting into the Gorgon God /Medusa and high level Bears E12 Dark and Light Shard of Faith DLC


Season 3 of Dark and Light begins now, a new adventure with the new DLC Shard of Faith!! And now we have joined the Clockwork Ninja Server! Can’t wait to get started!!

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Shard of Faith Info:
Gaia was corrupted and torn apart by the darkness. Ganareth, the Gods’ land, has long been shattered; Shadow shrounds the universe, jeopardizing Gaia and Archos.

Now it is time we unite and stop the fight among ourselves. Following the United Army, we travel to the corrupted Ganareth’s Shard through the ancient portal…..

Shard of Faith is the first expansion to Dark and Light. Players will join the expedition force traversing to Gaia, the mother planet corrupted by darkness, and to Ganareth, the land where Gods used to lived in. Splendor was no longer visible as the entire land was cast into the magical universe. Cities are shattered in ruins. Yet we are still able to hear the Gods’ word of encouragement, inspiring us to find the ancient altars, find their believers, and with the help of new races, defend the encroaching dark force.

We’ve been dedicated to the perfection of our game during EA, fixing bugs, optimizing performance, iterating art assets and engines. At the same time, we are hoping to present more about Dark and Light to our adventurers, a larger universe that once lived in grandeur. That is why we bring Shard of Faith out, a part of Dark and Light that not only has the storyline and a brand new map, but also revamp and optimization in art and codes. These optimization is expected to be implemented into all the maps in full release.


Dark and Light:

Dark and Light was a third-person Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG), set in a medieval fantasy world called Ganareth. Players could choose from 12 races, 10 of which could be either male or female (the exceptions being Half-Trolls, which were male only, and Fairies, which could only be female). There were 14 playable character classes to choose from, divided into four main archetypes: Fighter, Hunter, Healer, and Mage. Fighters were designed to have good defensive abilities and armour, and also had the ability to bring the focus enemies off of other characters and onto the fighter. They could be Warriors, Paladins, or Shadow Knights. Hunters were a support character, relying more on tactics and offensive support than on damage or defense. They could be Archers, Rangers, Bards, or Thieves. The primary purpose of Healers was to heal, as the name suggests, but they also had decent ranged damage capabilities. Healers could be Clerics, Monks, Druids, or Enchanters. Mages discarded personal safety in favor of large amounts of damage, in addition to buffing other players. Mages could be Illusionists, Necromancers, or Wizards.


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7 thoughts on “Shapeshifting into the Gorgon God /Medusa and high level Bears E12 Dark and Light Shard of Faith DLC

  1. The saddle for the bufo is in the Gorgon tab 2nd one down on the right. It is 3rd level in that skill. The ingredients are unknown to me on how to get them, but I was able to find some in the one of the little statue things, and I have a bad feeling that you will have to kill elites to get the mats to make the saddles.

  2. Enjoying your video's nice content, funny thing is my friend and I constructed a new building just down stream from you not knowing at the time you were youtubing until we mosied over to check your place out, our fortress may look a bit towards the hostile/Rust style but be assured it's only for protection from the general environment 🙂

  3. Nice new bears! I like the gorgon stone simply due to the range ability and not needing to worry about arrows, I do feel like it's not quite on par with Pan though because he can jump and that right click attack is insane. I also don't like that you can gather while incarnated, but I guess they had to limit them somehow or people would never play as their normal characters.

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