Should You Purchase the MacBook Air 11” in 2020? | New


Should You Purchase the MacBook Air 11” in 2020? | New #MacBookAir #TECHNOLOGY #ComputerScienceVideos

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22 thoughts on “Should You Purchase the MacBook Air 11” in 2020? | New

  1. Loved the review. Didn’t like the macbook though (those huge bazels cam put anyone off) but i loved you man. You are so cool😂😂

  2. Mine is still alive which i bought way back 2013. Still the machine I use for making important documents, light editing in lightroom for travels and garageband. Apple optimization is really impressive. I never bought another mac when they switched to those ugly butterfly keyboards. I hope they release the 11 inch again when they switch to apple silicon.

  3. One thing I don’t like about Air 2014 is the Shift button. Nowadays MacBook Air 2018-2020 have pretty convenient SHIFT buttons

  4. I purchased a 2015 Air 11" in very good condition.
    A very good and somewhat unique device. In my opinion overall it is much better than anything you can buy new at this pricepoint (entry level ultrabooks/netbooks).

    Decent Performance, 9 hrs battery life, great build quality & keyboard.

    With an updatet screen they could still sell these new.

    Very, very good and long lasting design on this device.

  5. my aunties bought mine for my 24th birthday
    5 years later i still have it and love it
    liked the video
    rachel from queensland australia

  6. I currently purchased one for on the go day to day life I have and light to carry but I was wondering if it supports FaceTime and iMessage and photos with this model ? This is my first Mac laptop

  7. I have a MacBook Air 11inch late 2010 and is it possible for me to update it? use the new updates?

  8. I really liked that the macbook was "like new" as advertised 💯>JustU.Faith/MacBook?中 I'm currently taking only classes and this works perfect for me.

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