Slots Journey Hack Cheat Unlimited Coins Level Bonus 999999


After Days Of Trying I Finally Found A Way To Get Free Coins In Slots Journey ..
This Is What You Need :

Modified file


Open Up I-Funbox Connect Your Iphone To Your Computer click On user Applications Slots Journey open Find file Named egypt_end_level_prize.plist delete It Replace With The Modified File From The Above Link…It Only Works On Egypt If Your Past Egypt Its Not Gonna Work .. Egypt Should get You Enough Coins To Complete The Whole Game Every level You Get .99999 coins …Enjoy …..


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26 thoughts on “Slots Journey Hack Cheat Unlimited Coins Level Bonus 999999

  1. guys if you want amazon$25,itunes$25,playstation3,xbox360 bundle,ipad4 and many more giftcards then follow these steps
    1.go to app store and search checkpoints
    2.after downloading open checkpoints the top right hand side click on the settings icon on my account and sign up bonus code section type arshrider15 and register will get 100 points as reward
    7.after redeeming some credits you can earn a giftcard or gadget of your choice

  2. ok download iTools and open file named (com.cervomedia.slots.freeslot1) it is located in library of that game you can add as much credit as you want

  3. double tap home button close out slots journey from running in the backround try deleting the file it should work

  4. i really like the funbox i have been hunting something like that for my ipad..
    i see you are at 9 digits and i am at 8.
    what program did you use to edit the plist file.
    yep the game is addicting. its the only one out there like it and when you get up the only enough coins for 1 pull.

  5. Man you are good. You have to uninstall and start from scratch but the first level gave me 100 mil points. Thanks a lot.

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