SQL Server 2012 Failover Cluster Installation & Configuration Step By Step

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1. Install Failover Clustering Multipath I/O and .Net3.5 features both Nodes.
2. Install and Create iSCSI Targets Disk on Win2K12-DC01 for Cluster.
3. Discovering iSCSI Targets Disks and Connect on both Nodes.
4. Validate and Creating a Cluster.
5. Configure basic settings for Cluster.
6. Install SQL Server 2012 Failover Cluster.
7. Verify SQL Server Cluster Role on Windows failover Cluster.

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44 thoughts on “SQL Server 2012 Failover Cluster Installation & Configuration Step By Step

  1. Very Good & easy to understand complete training .. Thanks !! please keep it up & help us with such Awesome Vedio

  2. Hi, what is next step to test this cluster if one sql server fails, do you have any video on this topic?
    Also, do you have any video in which any web application runs on these clustered servers?

  3. Dear Vikas ,

    very nice video ..

    im totally new in learning sql server database , has some experience oracle db and linux ….. dont know much how to create AD and DNS

    1.in real production env AD and DNS and service account access is created by network admin ?

    2. did u make any doccument for above configuration ……. i mean any blog etc other than video

  4. If I have a failover cluster Between two SQL database servers..then is it necessary to have physical lan connectivity between two servers?

  5. How cluster validation will know the quorum drive is that one specific to configure in validation. And this will show C drive also in validation.

  6. because this is just a installation but how can i configure my real app db with this concept. I would thankful if you explain

  7. Hi Vikas!
    I have a question can we setup our wep application/ desktop application through failover cluster concept.

  8. Awesome video training covering manyy features active directory, iscsi, sql cluster. Thanks a lot for sharing Bro…

  9. you are use Cluster IP : but SqlServer you installed but you are use in IP : .. That is ques? Mainly am i using cluster iP address ?

  10. This is active sandby configuration … how to make both or all server active in cluster. So that it may use round robin to connect connect with any server to give quick response. Since we have more than 3K users and 25 differenet web apps.

  11. Hi! Can i request your power point presentation here? I think i have miss one procedure. Thanks!

  12. Great video buddy. You should have also shown adding node to fail-over cluster in SQL server setup from secondary node. And then also do a fail-over by bringing active node down and showing that We are still able to connect to virtual sql server name.

  13. Do you have a video explain what is needed when you need to add new columns to a table, change to view, and/or drop a SP.. thx

  14. Hi, Nice Video. But i have a small dought. That is you created two disks one is quorum and another one is SQL. But what is the use of Quorum Disk. I think you didnt use it anywhere. and if u have any clear document about SQL Server DBA, could you please forward me.

  15. I am getting the following error message (unable to determine IQN for servername) .But configure the ISCSI Targate disk it's ok with me. Please help me what could be the reason.

  16. Nice Video sir. but i need to ask some i've only 2 Server how can cluster 2 node like this ? thank you forward for answer

  17. Hi Vikas Singh,
    I have one doubt can u clarify please….
    If suppose Active directory server (WIN2K12R2-DC01) "DOWN" means, then all the setup will not work Right.
    Then what is the solution for that? The Active directory server has to failover for me.
    Can u provide solution or any alternative for that?

  18. Hi Vikas,
    please, May you help me with this error? when trying to connect from another instance SQL Server… IP,1433 . SSMS show me the following error message…

    A connection was successfully established with the server, but then an error occurred during the login process. (provider: SSL Provider, error: 0 – An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.) (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 10054)

    An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host

    Information: WS2012 – SQL Server 2012

  19. I see you setting IP 1.251 in the Windows cluster, but then in the SQL cluster you set 1.250, am I missing something??

  20. after adding the drives in both failover cluster nodes. shared drives goes offline. if i bring online in server it is going offline in another server vice-versa

  21. what would be the process for having a sql cluster, and setting up one SQL for application and hitting the other SQL for reporting but the same cluster? if that makes sense Application{SQL 1} ———>{iscsi data for sql}<———–{Sql 2} reporting against

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